Friday, May 9, 2014

Saint Martha's Hall, St. Louis, MO

May 7, 2014             (CHALLENGE HAS BEEN COMPLETED!)

St. Martha's is a repeat shelter.  We sent them slippers and washcloths just about a year ago.  They are a small shelter and storage is an issue, so this will be a small challenge. 
We will need the following number of slippers and washcloths:

15 women's   -  DONE
  1 teen boy's  -  DONE
  5 preteens  -  DONE
  5 youth  -  DONE
  5 toddler  -  DONE
  2 baby booties   -  DONE

33  Washcloths  -  DONE

Please use gender neutral colors for the children's slippers.  The shelter is small and their needs change frequently, so it is difficult to say how many boys or girl sizes they need.   

Mailing Deadline:    May 31, 2014. 

Send to:

Katy Keller
Saint Martha's Hall
PO Box 4950
St. Louis, MO   63108

Our Challenges are also posted on our Facebook page and that is where we receive most of our pledges. If you would like to make a pledge here on the Blog, please put your pledge in a comment box - number of slippers and/or washcloths and categories (women's, teen boys, teen girls, etc.) and we will receive it. The number of slippers/washcloths still needed will be updated here as often as possible during the Challenge.

Our Facebook page is visible to the public without being a member of Facebook; however, you cannot post pledges there unless you have a Facebook account.

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