Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Springfield Stitches for a Cause"

Good Morning, my Pink Slipper friends. We are going to be collaborating this summer with another Facebook charity, Springfield Stitches for a Cause. They also work with domestic violence shelters as well as other causes. 

I have been working with Tracie for several weeks getting everything all set. Tracie met with some of her members the other evening and announced their next project which is working with the Pink Slipper Project! 

They are located in Springfield, Illinois, and incorporate a local charity along with one outside of the Springfield area.  Both of us will work with the Sojourn shelter.  We are familiar with Sojourn as we have sent them slippers before.  I will work to get everything set up with Sojourn and we will have our challenge in early June. 

Tracie has chosen Friends Against Abuse for their "away" shelter, which was our "Icebox of the Nation" challenge last February.  FAA is looking forward to receiving all the goodies from Tracie's group. 

 I will be getting set up to do our Sojourn challenge and be ready to start in June. 

We have members who are also part of the Springfield group.  I'm so glad you have joined us.  Now, I'm going to take a moment and say good morning to them too.  Pink Slipper members, you know what the next challenge is and where it is located!! There will also be another challenge in June. 


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