Monday, October 15, 2018

CHALLENGE #41 - 2018

Taft, California


From their website:  “Alpha House - A Place for New Beginnings.  Alpha House is a safe haven for women and children in western Kern County, California, because domestic violence can occur anywhere.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment for battered and homeless women and their children while presenting them with options for a healthy lifestyle.”  Established in 1981 as a ministry to help needy women and children, Alpha House recognized the need for a safe shelter and opened a 5 bedroom modular home in 1992.  In addition to providing a safe haven, the Alpha House provides a 24-hour Crisis Help Line, case management and mentoring programs, and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education for community groups, schools, churches, and businesses in an effort to break the cycle of domestic violence for the next generation. 

We would like to send the following:


  55 Women’s slippers - DONE

  10 Preteen girl slippers - DONE
  10 Preteen boy slippers - DONE
  10 Youth girl slippers - DONE
  10 Youth boy slippers - DONE
  10 Toddler girl slippers - DONE
  10 Toddler boy slippers - DONE
  10 Booties (neutral for boy or girl)- DONE

125 Washcloths  -  DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY: November 15, 2018


   Alpha House
   Attn: Sondra Ryan
   P.O. Box 712
   Taft, California 93268

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