Tuesday, October 30, 2018





We are almost to our goal for R.E.S.T. in Seattle, Washington.   We just need pledges for 3 more pairs of women's slippers to complete the challenge.    Won't you help with a pledge today?   Even a pledge for one pair gets us closer and you have up to one month to make what you pledge and send off to the mailing address listed in the challenge information.  Easy peasy!   

If you are new to our page, there is a suggested Sizing Chart for the various categories listed in our challenges.   Slippers should be made with acrylic yarn (no wool) and washcloths (facecloths) should be made with cotton yarn (crocheted or knitted) or a very soft fabric,such as, cotton, terry cloth, flannel, etc. (if sewn).    There should be no small attachments on booties or children's slippers due to a possible choking hazard.

We also have a Pinterest page (link in the right column) where you can find links to free (and some paid) patterns for slippers and washcloths.

A Donation Tag is available for printing on paper, cardstock, or blank business cards and can be included in your package or attached to each item.   Reverse side is optional and no personal information needs to be included.   Use of the tags is optional.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

The PSP Team

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