Friday, November 30, 2018


We will be taking a break from doing challenges until just after Christmas.  We will continue to post here on the blog, as well as our Facebook page, during our break and we are always available to help or answer questions anyone may have.

The Annie's Caring Crochet Club kit, which highlighted The Pink Slipper Project, was mailed out this month and we would like to welcome anyone who is just finding us in this way.   We do not have a central collection location.  Instead, we do weekly "challenges" where we list the specific amounts of slippers in various size/gender categories (and also, washcloths) for a specific shelter.  We only do one challenge at a time and take pledges from our members for the items they wish to make and send directly to that shelter within the next month.  Once pledges are received for all requested items, the challenge is considered "closed".

No pledge is ever considered too small!  One pair of slippers, one washcloth, one pet blanket - each one counts towards the goal for that shelter!

When we are on a break or waiting on information for another challenge, many of our members continue to make and stockpile items so they are ready to pledge on the next challenge.

Our PSP Team is here to help and answer any questions you may have as quickly as we can.  You may send us a message or comment under this post - or you may also email us at: 

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyful holiday season!

Rachel, Judy, Lynne, Julia,
Alinda, and Bonnie

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