Thursday, January 17, 2019

CHALLENGES #1, #2, and #3 of 2019

The first three challenges of 2019 were published on our Facebook page and were completely pledged so quickly that we didn't have an opportunity to put them up on the blog.   These challenges were held for the following shelters:

Challenge #1 - 2019:   Women and Children's Horizons
                                      Kenosha, Wisconsin

Challenge #2 - 2019:   Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services
                                      Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Challenge #3 - 2019:   DOVE, Inc.
                                      Decatur, Illinois

Our members all seem to have come back from our holiday all refreshed and ready to pledge new shelter challenges in 2019! 

If you are new to The Pink Slipper Project, we welcome you and invite you to join us as we endeavor to warm the hearts and toes of women, men, and children who are living in domestic abuse shelters all across the United States.

We do not have a central collection area to receive slippers and washcloths.  Each challenge is run for a specific shelter and members pledge what items and how many (including gender and size) that they wish to make for that challenge and then make and mail their items directly to the shelter address we list in the challenge information.  We usually include a "mail by" date in the challenge, allowing about a month to make and send your items to the shelter.

You may use any pattern you wish for slippers or washcloths, but we prefer acrylic yarn for knitted or crocheted slippers and cotton or a cotton/polyester blend yarn for crocheted or knitted washcloths.

Also, baby booties and children's slippers should be free of any attachments which could be removed and cause a choking hazard.

If you wish to pledge through the blog, you can put your pledge under the challenge post in a comment or in the message box at the top right of the page.   Please reference the Challenge number you are pledging for and the items (gender, size, and number of each) you wish to pledge and also include your name and city/state for our records.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

The Pink Slipper Project Team
(Rachel, Judy, Lynne, Julia, Alinda, and Bonnie)

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