Wednesday, June 12, 2019

We really haven't been on vacation...........

Over the last several months, The Pink Slipper Project has been very active over on our Facebook page and we have posted and completed eighteen (18) new challenges since the last one (#15-2019) posted here on the blog.  The PSP Admin (namely, me - Judy) who usually takes care of keeping the blog updated had to be away for a while helping out a family member.   While I was away from the blog, we completed challenges for the following shelters around the country:

#16-2019:   Martha's Carriage House and Sarah's House - Wilmington,                               Delaware
#17-2019:   Monika's House - Beaverton, Oregon
#18-2019:   Advocates Against Family Violence - Caldwell, Idaho
#19-2019:   YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter - Cincinnati, Ohio
#20-2019:   Park Street Center - Casper, Wyoming
#21-2019:   Bridges Domestic Violence Center - Franklin, Tennessee
#22-2019:   Turning Point of Lehigh Valley - Allentown, Pennsylvania
#23-2019:   Domestic Violence and Abuse Center - Grafton, North                                       Dakota
#24-2019:   Roberta's Place - Grant, New Mexico
#25-2019:   Bridges - Nashua, New Hampshire
#26-2019:   Crossroads Safehouse - Fort Collins, Colorado
#27-2019:   Hope House (Part #1) - Lee's Summit, Missouri
#28-2019:   Haven House - Hammond, Indiana
#29-2019:   Hope House (Part #2) - Lee's Summit, Missouri
#30-2019:   Faith House - Lafayette, Louisiana
#31-2019:   Verde Valley Sanctuary - Cottonwood, Arizona
#32-2019:   Hope & Justice Project (Part #1) - Houlton, Maine
#33-2019:   Hope & Justice Project (Part #2 - Pet Cozies & Happy                                       Hands) - Houlton, Maine

Thanks to our dedicated members and the addition of several new admins to help with PSP (Julia, Alinda and Bonnie), we have been able to complete many more challenges and we aren't even to the mid-year mark yet!   We have been posting one, and sometimes two, challenges per week so far with many more to come.  

Most of our activity with regards to making pledges on each challenge occur on our Facebook page.  But, we also accept pledges via the message box in the upper right column of the blog, in a comment under the current, active challenge or to our email address (thepinkslipperproject at gmail dot com).    We only have one active challenge at a time and, when pledges have been received to cover all of the slippers and washcloths requested for that particular shelter, the challenge is considered "completed". 

New to our page???   You can find lots of info on the right.  We have a suggested sizing chart that lists approximate slipper lengths for each size category that we usually request.  You may use any pattern you wish, but if the slippers are knitted or crocheted, we ask that you use acrylic yarn (cotton for booties is okay, too) and no wool due to allergies.   Washcloths should be made with cotton yarn (pastels or light colors preferred so there is no bleeding in the laundry) or soft fabric, if sewn.    Children's slippers and booties should not have any attachments on them, such as, buttons, beads, etc., which could become a choking hazard if detached.   

We also have a Pink Slipper Project printable tag which can be attached to each item or inside your package if you wish to use it.  

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask us and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.    We do hope that you will join us here or on our Facebook page as we endeavor to warm the hearts and toes of all those living in domestic violence shelters across the USA!

Rachel, Judy, Lynne, Julia, Alinda, and Bonnie

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