Monday, February 10, 2020

Challenge #6 - 2020 is complete!


Appleton, Wisconsin

“Our mission is to empower communities to be free from domestic abuse through safety, knowledge, and engagement.” Established in 1984 with an 8-bed shelter, Harbor House has grown through the years, and recently completed a capital campaign to expand to a 67-bed facility, a new Advocacy Center, new program spaces, higher security, and new spaces for pets. We would like to show our support and send the following items:


25 Women’s, Small. - DONE
25 Women’s, Medium - DONE
15 Women’s, Large. - DONE
10 Men/Teen Boys. - DONE
10 Preteen Girl. - DONE
10 Preteen Boy. - DONE
10 Youth Girl. - DONE
10 Youth Boy. - DONE
10 Toddler Girl. - DONE
10 Toddler Boy. - DONE
5 Baby Girl Booties - DONE
5 Baby Boy Booties - DONE

140 Washcloths. - DONE

PET COZIES ***Pet blankets may be knitted, crocheted, or sewn, but must be washable! Knitted or crocheted blankets should be a tight weave and fairly thick (use several strands together or a single strand of #5 or #6 bulky yarn.) Suitable fabrics are denim, flannel, heavy cotton with batting in between layers and stitched from corner to corner so the batting doesn’t bunch up when washed.***

3 small (20” x 20”) - DONE
2 medium (24” x 24”) - DONE
1 large (24” x 30”) - DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY: March 9th, 2020


Harbor House
ATTN: Meagan LaGrone
720 W. Fifth St.
Appleton, WI 54914

If you would like to make a pledge on this challenge, you may send it via email to: ThePinkSlipperProject (at) gmail (dot) com or send it through the message box (top right). Please include your full name and city/state and category or categories and the amount of each you wish to pledge. If a size/gender category has already been filled, we will let you know and ask if there may be another size/gender that you would like to make and send. Our challenges are also posted on our Facebook page and most pledges are made there.

Please feel free to join our group there, too!

The PSP Team

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