Tuesday, September 14, 2021


CHALLENGE #38-2021 

Family Violence Project

Augusta, Maine

The Family Violence Project is a private non-profit organization which is supported by the Maine Dept.of Health and Human Services, Maine State Housing Authority and the United Way.  The mission of the FVP is to end domestic abuse in Kennebec and Somerset counties in Maine.  They offer prevention, education and training programs that promote social change by teaching children and adults about the benefits of nonviolence and respect within any relationship.  Community education includes presentations to businesses, civic groups, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, and other providers to raise awareness about the impact of domestic violence on individuals and communities. 

Let's support them by sending:

10 Women's Small -DONE
35 Women's Medium -DONE
5 Women's Large -DONE
6 Men/Teen -DONE
16 Preteen (neutrals) -DONE
16 Youth (neutral) -DONE
16 Toddler (neutral) -DONE
5 Baby Booties (Neutral colors) -DONE
100 Washcloths -DONE


12 Skeins of yarn -DONE
12 Pair of Knitting Needles -DONE
12 Crochet Hooks -DONE
12 Pair of Scissors (Blunt Tip) -DONE
12 Large Eyed Yarn Needles -DONE

**You may send used knitting needles and crochet hooks but please do not send plastic knitting needles if they are bowed or bent.  No 14" knitting needles.
** Worsted or bulky preferred.  No partial skeins or balls.
**Knitting needles, 8" or 10", single or double point.  Circulars are fine too.
**Preferred sizes for knitting needles are 7,8,9,10, 10 1/2, 11.
** Crochet Hooks. Preferred sizes are G, H, I, J and K.
**Scissors: All scissors should be children's blunt tipped scissors.

If you don't want to have to worry about shipping costs but would like to contribute to this challenge, gift cards are always welcome so that shelters can pick up supply they need.  Gift cards at major stores, including Amazon, are always welcome.

Mailing  Deadline:  October 15, 2021

Send to:
Family Violence Project
Attn:  Diane Smith
P.O. Box 304
Augusta, ME 04332-0304

If you would like to make a pledge on this challenge, you may send it via email to:  ThePinkSlipperProject (at)gmail(dot)com or send it through the message box (top right).  Please include your full name and city/state and category or categories and the amount of each you wish to pledge.  If a size//gender category has already been filled, we will let you know and ask if there may be another size/gender that you would like to make and send.  Our challenges are also posted in our Facebook Group ('PSP Challenge Group') and most pledges are made there.  Please feel free to join our group there, too!

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