Tuesday, April 5, 2022

CHALLENGE #12-2022 is Complete

CHALLENGE #12-2022

Wichita Family Crisis Center

Wichita, Kansas

"It is estimated that since the beginning of the agency, we have provided services to over 25,000 survivors in central and south-central Kansas. Our families, our neighbors, our friends and we make up those numbers. We are the faces on those numbers. Our stories of abuse, trauma, courage and ultimately, survival comprise the foundation that we build on today. We must never forget those who have gone before us and forged a path in uncharted territories; the generous community members who supported this agency with their time and their finances, brave survivors who reached out a hand to find safety and compassion and sought the safety offered, the courageous advocates and volunteers who stood up with survivors and challenged the norms and pushed our thinking forward, and the strong people, who made the commitment to continue the work that began over 33 years ago."

For the survivors of today, we donate slippers and washcloths.

9 Women's small –DONE
28 Women's Medium – DONE
8 Women's Large –DONE
5 Men/Teen boys – DONE
5 Preteen girls – DONE
5 Preteen boys – DONE 
5 Youth girls –DONE
5 Youth boys – DONE
5 Toddler Girls – DONE
5 Toddler Boys - DONE
5 Baby Girl Booties –DONE
5 Baby Boy Booties -DONE
90 Washcloth – DONE
Mailing Deadline: May 5, 2022
Send to:
YWCA Admin Office
1111 N. St. Francis
Wichita, KS 67214

If you would like to make a pledge on this challenge, you may send it via email to:  ThePinkSlipperProject (at)gmail(dot)com or send it through the message box (top right).  Please include your full name and city/state and category or categories and the amount of each you wish to pledge.  If a size//gender category has already been filled, we will let you know and ask if there may be another size/gender that you would like to make and send.  Our challenges are also posted in our Facebook Group ('PSP Challenge Group') and most pledges are made there.  Please feel free to join our group there, too!

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