Tuesday, August 23, 2022

CHALLENGE #30-2022 is Complete

CHALLENGE #30-2022


Boston, Massachusetts 

The Asian Task Force serves Asian Clients of all ethnic and language groups in Great Boston and Greater Lowell, Massachusetts. Their hope is to prevent domestic and intimate partner violence in Asian families and communities and to provide hope to survivors. They have requested the following:
5 Women Small - DONE
5 Women Medium - DONE
5 Preteen - DONE
3 Youth - DONE
2 Toddler - DONE
3 Baby booties - DONE
23 Washcloths - DONE
Happy Hands
10 skeins of yarn - DONE
10 pairs of knitting needles - DONE
10 crochet hooks - DONE
10 pairs of scissors (blunt tip) - DONE
10 yarn needles (large-eyed) - DONE
-You may send used knitting needles and crochet hooks, but please do not send plastic knitting needles if they are bowed or bent. No 14” knitting needles, please.-Yarn: Worsted or bulky (#4 or #5) preferred. No partial skeins or balls.-Knitting needles: 8” or 10”, single or double point. Circulars are fine, too. Preferred sizes for knitting needles are 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 1/2, 11.-Crochet hooks: Preferred sizes are G, H, I, J, and K.-Scissors: We ask that scissors be children’s blunt tipped scissors for safety reasons, and they are sharp enough to cut yarn.
Mailing Deadline: September 16, 2022
Mail to:
P.O. Box 120108
Boston, MA 02112-0108

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