Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Challenge #10-2023 is Complete


Norman, Oklahoma
"We believe that women have the right to live in safety, to be treated with dignity, to make choices and to hope."
The Women's Resource Center is dedicated to supporting individuals who have experienced violence. WRC offers specialized services catered to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. There is no cost for the services and are offered to anyone of any gender.
4 Women Small -DONE
10 Women Medium - DONE
4 Women Large - DONE
3 Preteen girls - DONE
3 Preteen boys - DONE
3 Youth girls - DONE
3 Youth boys - DONE
3 Toddler girls - DONE
3 Toddler boys - DONE
2 Baby girl booties -DONE
2 Baby boy booties -DONE
40 Washcloths - DONE
Please mail by: May 2, 2023
Women's Resource Center
Attn: Laura
P.O. Box 5089
Norman OK 73070

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