Friday, June 24, 2016

There will be a Happy Hands for DoVES, Inc. in Atchison, KS. It will probably go up later today or tomorrow.

But first!   Rachel has been working on updating the number of slippers and washcloths that have been made and donated since August, 2009.

From August, 2009, until today, 11,219 pairs of slippers are warming toes and hearts in 119 shelters along with 9,559 washcloths!

We think that is absolutely fabulous!  Those figures show the care and dedication of the members of The Pink Slipper Project.

Rachel, Judy and Lynne

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hooray!   Challenge #22 of 2016 has been completed.  Over the next month, there should be 100 pairs of nice, cozy, warm handmade slippers and 100 handmade washcloths on their way to Kansas!   

Next up - a Happy Hands challenge for the same shelter.   For anyone new to The Pink Slipper Project, when a shelter has a program in place to teach crafts/hobbies, such as, knitting and crocheting, or they would like to have supplies on hand for women and children coming into the shelter who may already know how to knit or crochet, we like to pitch in and send them some supplies to pass along our love for our crafts.  Knitting and crocheting can be great stress relievers!   We request a certain number of various items, such as, acrylic yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, large eye sewing needles for yarn, and children's scissors.  Members then pledge if they wish to send any of these items to that shelter.  It works the same way as our regular slippers and washcloths challenges.

So......stay tuned!   Happy Hands coming up next!

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

Monday, June 20, 2016

CHALLENGE #22 - 2016


***** CHALLENGE COMPLETED   -  6/23/16  *****

The DoVES shelter in Atchison, Kansas is a repeat shelter as we did slippers and washcloths for them in April, 2015. Here it is June, 2016 and they’d love to have more. We are happy to oblige. We did a Happy Hands challenge last year and we’ll do one again after we finish slippers and washcloths.

Here we go:

  55 women  -  DONE

  5 teen boys  -  DONE

   5 preteen girls  -  DONE

   5 preteen boys  -  DONE

   5 youth girls  -  DONE

   5 youth boys  -  DONE

   5 toddler girls  -  DONE

   5 toddler boys  -  DONE

   5 girl booties  -  DONE

   5 boy booties  -  DONE

100 washcloths  -  DONE

Mailing Deadline: July 22, 2016

Send to:

DoVES, Inc.

Attn: Debbie Duncan
P.O. Box 262
Atchison, KS 66002

Most of our pledges come in on our Facebook page, but we try to keep the blog updated as the pledges come in with what is still needed in each category.   If you wish to pledge, please put it in a comment on this post or in the message box (top right) and we will receive it in our email - or send directly to email:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

Challenges have been moving right along on our Facebook page since I last posted here on the blog.  Due to some family health problems, I (Judy) haven't been able to keep up with posting the last several challenges.  As we have said before, the Facebook page is always current and we welcome you to join us there:

We do accept pledges made here at the blog, too.  We only run one challenge at a time, so if you see a Challenge that is not marked "Challenge Completed" further down the blog, it only means that I have goofed and not marked it finished.  If you would happen to pledge on a challenge that has been completed, we will definitely let you know. 

If you aren't signed up for Facebook and don't wish to, you can still see our page and all of our posts as they are public; however, you can not comment or make a pledge on the page unless you officially join.   You can make a pledge by sending it to us via our email address:     Be sure that you state the Challenge # and shelter name that you are pledging to.   We would need to know exactly what size/gender and number of slippers/washcloths that you are pledging, also.   

If a specific size/gender category has already been filled on the Facebook page before we receive your email or blog pledge, we will let you know and ask if you would like to change to a different category which is still open.

If you have any questions, please ask us and we try to respond as soon as we can.

We hope that you will join in with us, either here or on Facebook, as we warm hearts and toes of women and children living in domestic abuse shelters across the US>

Rachel, Lynne, and Judy