Wednesday, February 28, 2018

CHALLENGE #11 - 2018

LEE SHORE CENTER - Kenai, Alaska


We are heading back to Kenai, Alaska, for another challenge.  Our last challenge for them was in 2016 and they would love to have more slippers and washcloths.  They also have a pet shelter on site for their clients, so we will be including pet cozies (blankets/pads) for them, also. 

Here is what we would like to send to the Lee Shore Center:

   45 Women’s - DONE
     8 Teen Boys - DONE
     8 Preteen Girls - DONE
     8 Preteen Boys - DONE
     8 Youth Girls - DONE
     8 Youth Boys - DONE
     8 Toddler Girls - DONE
     8 Toddler Boys - DONE
     8 Baby Booties (generic colors) - DONE
 100 Washcloths - DONE

 3 Pet Blankets, 20 x 20 - DONE
 3 Pet Blankets, 24 x 24 - DONE
 2 Pet Blankets, 24 x 30 - DONE

 ****Pet blankets may be knitted, crocheted, or sewn, but must be washable! Knitted or crocheted blankets should be a tight weave and fairly thick (use several strands together or a single strand of #5 or #6 bulky yarn). Suitable fabrics are denim, flannel, heavy cotton with batting in between layers and stitched so the batting doesn’t bunch up when washed.****


 Lee Shore Center
 c/o Cheri Smith
 325 S. Spruce Street
 Kenai, Alaska 99611 

Monday, February 19, 2018

CHALLENGE #10 - 2018

YWCA - Clark County
Vancouver, Washington


The YWCA of Clark County is a repeat challenge for us. We last sent slippers and washcloths to them in 2015 and they would really love to have more.....especially washcloths! The SafeChoice shelter is gender inclusive for those fleeing physical, emotional or verbal abuse. They also have a variety of support groups. Their legal advocates provide support, information and assistance for guidance through the civil legal system.

We would like to send the following to SafeChoice:

  75 women - DONE

    5 men - DONE
  12 teen girls - DONE
  12 teen boys - DONE
  12 preteen girls - DONE
  12 preteen boys - DONE
  12 youth girls - DONE
  12 youth boys - DONE
  12 toddler girls - DONE
  12 toddler boys - DONE
  12 booties girls - DONE
  12 booties boys - DONE

200 washcloths - DONE

MAILING DEADLINE: March 20, 2018


     YWCA - Clark County
     Attn: Kathryn Cohen
     3609 Main Street
     Vancouver, Washington 98663

If you wish to join in on this challenge, please comment below or through the message box or by email to:  thepinkslipperproject at 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CHALLENGE #9 - 2018

Columbia, South Carolina


“Sistercare’s philosophy is to empower survivors and their children to live free of domestic violence; become educated about domestic violence; be able to make informed decisions; take responsibility for themselves and their children; and achieve self-sufficiency.  This philosophy is applied by offering survivors a full range of services to include emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis line, group counseling, legal advocacy, children’s counseling, individual counseling, and post shelter follow up services.”  Sistercare, Inc. serves approximately 7,000 DV survivors per year and is the only organization that specifically offers shelter and support services to five counties in SC.

We would like to send the following to Sistercare: 

30 Women’s - DONE
  5 Teen Girls  -  DONE
  5 Teen Boys - DONE
  5 Preteen Girls - DONE
  5 Preteen Boys - DONE
  5 Youth Girls - DONE
  5 Youth Boys - DONE
  5 Toddler Girls - DONE
  5 Toddler Boys - DONE
  5 Girl Booties - DONE
  5 Boy Booties - DONE
75 Washcloths - DONE

MAIL BY: March 13, 2018

    Sistercare, Inc.
    Attn: Shatoyia Todd
    P. O. Box 1029
    Columbia, South Carolina 29202

Monday, February 12, 2018

CHALLENGE #8 - 2018

ALEXANDRA HOUSE - Blaine, Minnesota


“Where hope grows and violence ends.”

We last did a challenge for Alexandra House in May, 2016. They loved the slippers and washcloths we sent to them and would definitely like to receive more!  This shelter is one of a growing number of shelters which has a program in place (Abuse in Later In Life Services) to help victims of “senior abuse”.  The needs of abused seniors are unique and they are vulnerable.  We all want our golden years to be filled with joy and dignity, not abuse.  

At this time, Alexandra House has requested the following:

 10 Women’s (Small) - DONE

 10 Women’s (Medium) - DONE

 10 Women’s (Large) - DONE

 30 Washcloths - DONE

MAILING DEADLINE: March 12, 2018


   Alexandra House
   Attn: Pie Paulson
   10065 - 3rd Street, N.E.
   Blaine, Minnesota 55434 

If you wish to make a pledge for this challenge, please comment on this post or send us a message.   You may also send your pledge in an email:  thepinkslipperproject at   We will need your name, which challenge you are pledging, and the items you wish to pledge.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

CHALLENGE #7 - 2018 (Part #2)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Because this is a very large shelter, we are broke down this challenge into two segments for pledges. This is the second half of the challenge.  If you make a pledge to BOTH segments, you may go ahead and mail out your pledges for part one as soon as they are ready - OR - you can wait and mail out both pledges together by the deadline to save on shipping costs.

Please feel free to add a note to your shipment that your slippers/washcloths are part of The Pink Slipper Project challenge.  (A link to the PSP Donation Tags can be found in the right-hand column of the blog.)

For Part #2, we are requesting pledges for the following:

35 Women's (Small, 8”-*8-1/2”)  -  DONE

35 Women’s (Medium, 9”-9-/12”) -  DONE
30 Women’s (Large, 10”-11”)  -  DONE
10 Teen Boys  -  DONE
10 Preteen Girls - DONE
10 Preteen Boys - DONE
10 Youth Girls - DONE
10 Youth Boys - DONE
10 Toddler Girls - DONE
10 Toddler Boys - DONE
  5 Baby Booties - Girls - DONE
  5 Baby Booties - Boys - DONE

140 Washcloths - DONE



     Megan Slattery
     100 South Broad Street, Suite 1341
     Philadelphia, PA 19110

If you wish to take part in this challenge, please send a message to us through the blog.  If any of the categories you pledge have already been completed on our Facebook page, we will contact you.

Should you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us!

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne