Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CHALLENGE #9 - 2018

Columbia, South Carolina


“Sistercare’s philosophy is to empower survivors and their children to live free of domestic violence; become educated about domestic violence; be able to make informed decisions; take responsibility for themselves and their children; and achieve self-sufficiency.  This philosophy is applied by offering survivors a full range of services to include emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis line, group counseling, legal advocacy, children’s counseling, individual counseling, and post shelter follow up services.”  Sistercare, Inc. serves approximately 7,000 DV survivors per year and is the only organization that specifically offers shelter and support services to five counties in SC.

We would like to send the following to Sistercare: 

30 Women’s - DONE
  5 Teen Girls  -  DONE
  5 Teen Boys - DONE
  5 Preteen Girls - DONE
  5 Preteen Boys - DONE
  5 Youth Girls - DONE
  5 Youth Boys - DONE
  5 Toddler Girls - DONE
  5 Toddler Boys - DONE
  5 Girl Booties - DONE
  5 Boy Booties - DONE
75 Washcloths - DONE

MAIL BY: March 13, 2018

    Sistercare, Inc.
    Attn: Shatoyia Todd
    P. O. Box 1029
    Columbia, South Carolina 29202

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