Tuesday, February 6, 2018

CHALLENGE #7 - 2018 (Part #2)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Because this is a very large shelter, we are broke down this challenge into two segments for pledges. This is the second half of the challenge.  If you make a pledge to BOTH segments, you may go ahead and mail out your pledges for part one as soon as they are ready - OR - you can wait and mail out both pledges together by the deadline to save on shipping costs.

Please feel free to add a note to your shipment that your slippers/washcloths are part of The Pink Slipper Project challenge.  (A link to the PSP Donation Tags can be found in the right-hand column of the blog.)

For Part #2, we are requesting pledges for the following:

35 Women's (Small, 8”-*8-1/2”)  -  DONE

35 Women’s (Medium, 9”-9-/12”) -  DONE
30 Women’s (Large, 10”-11”)  -  DONE
10 Teen Boys  -  DONE
10 Preteen Girls - DONE
10 Preteen Boys - DONE
10 Youth Girls - DONE
10 Youth Boys - DONE
10 Toddler Girls - DONE
10 Toddler Boys - DONE
  5 Baby Booties - Girls - DONE
  5 Baby Booties - Boys - DONE

140 Washcloths - DONE



     Megan Slattery
     100 South Broad Street, Suite 1341
     Philadelphia, PA 19110

If you wish to take part in this challenge, please send a message to us through the blog.  If any of the categories you pledge have already been completed on our Facebook page, we will contact you.

Should you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us!

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

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