Tuesday, October 30, 2018





We are almost to our goal for R.E.S.T. in Seattle, Washington.   We just need pledges for 3 more pairs of women's slippers to complete the challenge.    Won't you help with a pledge today?   Even a pledge for one pair gets us closer and you have up to one month to make what you pledge and send off to the mailing address listed in the challenge information.  Easy peasy!   

If you are new to our page, there is a suggested Sizing Chart for the various categories listed in our challenges.   Slippers should be made with acrylic yarn (no wool) and washcloths (facecloths) should be made with cotton yarn (crocheted or knitted) or a very soft fabric,such as, cotton, terry cloth, flannel, etc. (if sewn).    There should be no small attachments on booties or children's slippers due to a possible choking hazard.

We also have a Pinterest page (link in the right column) where you can find links to free (and some paid) patterns for slippers and washcloths.

A Donation Tag is available for printing on paper, cardstock, or blank business cards and can be included in your package or attached to each item.   Reverse side is optional and no personal information needs to be included.   Use of the tags is optional.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

The PSP Team

Monday, October 29, 2018

CHALLENGE #43 - 2018

REST Shelter and REST House 
Seattle, Washington


“Our goal is simple -- freedom, safety, and hope to women & girls exploited by the sex trade.” 

REST:  Real Escape from the Sex Trade was founded in 2009 by a small team of women with experience dealing with troubled youth and sexual abuse issues.  In 2012, REST opened a long-term residential home for young women ages 18-24.  Today, REST is an institution in the Seattle area for excellent outreach, restoration, and care of girls who are caught in the sex trade.  Through holistic continuum of care (prevention, intervention, and aftercare), REST serves those who are at-risk, actively in, and those taking steps towards exiting a life of sexual exploitation.  “Our desire is to see Washington become hostile to traffickers and to work ourselves out of a job.”  

We would like to show our support to this organization by sending the following:

SLIPPERS & WASHCLOTHS:   (All children’s slippers should be made in neutral colors suitable for either a boy or a girl.)

76 Women’s Slippers - DONE

  4 Preteen Slippers -  DONE
  4 Youth Slippers -     DONE
  4 Toddler Slippers -  DONE
  2 Booties -  DONE

90 Washcloths -  DONE



     Julie McNamara-Dahl 
     4215 Rainier Ave. South,  Suite B 
     Seattle, Washington  98118

As always, our challenges run concurrently on our Facebook page (where the majority of the pledges are made).   Please feel free to join us there.    You may also make pledges for this challenge here by placing it in a comment on this post or the message box (above right) or by sending us an email:    thepinkslipperproject at gmail.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The PSP Admin Team

Friday, October 26, 2018


Challenge #42-2018 for the Center for Community Solutions in San Diego, CA, is almost finished.

We still need pledges for 2 more pairs of slippers - women's large.

If anyone would like to make a pledge to make one or more pairs of the remaining slippers, please put your pledge in a comment below or in a message to us in the box at the top right.  You may also send an email to us at:
thepinkslipperproject@gmail.com .

The mailing information is listed in the challenge information in the previous post.

Thank you so much!

The PSP Team

Monday, October 22, 2018

CHALLENGE #42 - 2018

San Diego, California


“Founded in 1969, Center for Community Solutions has served more than 21,000 adults and children to heal and prevent relationship and sexual violence.  It operates the only rape crisis center in the city of San Diego along with a countywide 24-hour bilingual crisis helpline.  The nonprofit agency also provides emergency domestic violence shelters, hospital and court accompaniment, as well as legal and counseling services for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.  Our mission is to end relationship and sexual violence by being a catalyst for caring communities and social justice.  Together we can make a difference.”

We would like to send the following:


  30 Women’s Slippers - Small (8-9 inches) - DONE

  40 Women’s Slippers - Medium (9.25-9.75 inches - DONE
  30 Women’s Slippers - Large (9.8-10.25 inches) - DONE
    5 Men/Teen Boy Slippers - DONE
  10 Preteen Girl Slippers - DONE
  10 Preteen Boy Slippers - DONE
  10 Youth Girl Slippers - DONE
  10 Youth Boy Slippers - DONE
  10 Toddler Girl Slippers - DONE
  10 Toddler Boy Slippers - DONE
  10 Booties (girl) - DONE
  10 Booties (boy) - DONE

185 Washcloths - DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY: November 22, 2018


Center for Community Solutions
Attn: Development Coordinator
4508 Mission Bay Dr.
San Diego, California  92109 

This challenge is currently running on our Facebook page as well and most pledges are made there;  feel free to join us there or you can make a pledge in a comment under this post.   You can also email us your pledge to:   thepinkslipperproject at gmail.com.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

Rachel, Judy, Lynne, and Julia

Monday, October 15, 2018

CHALLENGE #41 - 2018

Taft, California


From their website:  “Alpha House - A Place for New Beginnings.  Alpha House is a safe haven for women and children in western Kern County, California, because domestic violence can occur anywhere.  We provide a safe and nurturing environment for battered and homeless women and their children while presenting them with options for a healthy lifestyle.”  Established in 1981 as a ministry to help needy women and children, Alpha House recognized the need for a safe shelter and opened a 5 bedroom modular home in 1992.  In addition to providing a safe haven, the Alpha House provides a 24-hour Crisis Help Line, case management and mentoring programs, and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education for community groups, schools, churches, and businesses in an effort to break the cycle of domestic violence for the next generation. 

We would like to send the following:


  55 Women’s slippers - DONE

  10 Preteen girl slippers - DONE
  10 Preteen boy slippers - DONE
  10 Youth girl slippers - DONE
  10 Youth boy slippers - DONE
  10 Toddler girl slippers - DONE
  10 Toddler boy slippers - DONE
  10 Booties (neutral for boy or girl)- DONE

125 Washcloths  -  DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY: November 15, 2018


   Alpha House
   Attn: Sondra Ryan
   P.O. Box 712
   Taft, California 93268

If you would like to make a pledge for this challenge (which is also running currently on our Facebook page), you can place your pledge in a comment below or by sending it to us through the message box above right or to our email address:   thepinkslipperproject at gmail.com.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have or join us on our Facebook page!

CHALLENGE #40 - 2018

Augusta, Maine


The Family Violence Project is a private non-profit organization which is supported by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Maine State Housing Authority and the United Ways of Kennebec Valley and Mid-Maine.  The mission of the Family Violence Project is to end domestic abuse in Kennebec and Somerset counties in Maine.   

We would like to support this organization by sending the following:


  50 Women’s slippers - DONE

    8 Preteen girl slippers - DONE
    8 Preteen boy slippers -DONE
    8 Youth girl slippers - DONE
    8 Youth boy slippers - DONE
    8 Toddler girl slippers - DONE
    8 Toddler boy slippers - DONE
    5 Booties -DONE

100 Washcloths - DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY: November 8, 2018


Family Violence Project 
Attn: Melanie Beaulieu
86 Western Ave.
Augusta, Maine 04330