Monday, January 28, 2019

CHALLENGE #7 - 2019

Cape Girardeau, Missouri


Safe House for Women was established in 1991, providing safe shelter and a crisis hot line as a source of immediate help for victims of domestic violence and abuse. Their current shelter houses 17 residents but they will soon be moving into a larger space and able to accommodate up to 40 residents. We would like to send the following:


40   Women’s slippers     -  DONE
  6    Preteen girl slippers -  DONE
  6    Preteen boy slippers -  DONE
  6    Youth girl slippers    -  DONE
  6    Youth boy slippers    -  DONE
  6    Toddler girl slippers -  DONE
  6    Toddler boy slippers -  DONE
  4    Baby booties   -   DONE

80   Washcloths   -   DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY:  February 28, 2019


     Safe House for Women
     Attn: Jessica Hill
     P.O. Box 1167
     Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63702

If you wish to make a pledge on this challenge, please list it in a comment below or in the message box at the top right.  If you have any questions, please ask us.  We will send you an email confirmation of your pledge.

Monday, January 21, 2019

CHALLENGE #5 - 2019

Dallas, Texas


“The Family Place has been helping victims of family violence in North Texas since 1978.  We provide everything needed to help victims become survivors.”   The Family Place has three emergency shelters, including the state’s only shelter for men and children. The Pink Slipper Project sent slippers and washcloths to The Family Place in February, 2017, and they would like to receive more.

We would like to send the following:

  8 Men/Teen Boy Slippers - DONE

10 Preteen Girl Slippers - DONE
10 Preteen Boy Slippers - DONE
10 Youth Girl Slippers - DONE
10 Youth Boy Slippers - DONE
10 Toddler Girl Slippers - DONE
10 Toddler Boy Slippers - DONE
 6 Girl Baby Booties - DONE
 6 Boy Baby Booties - DONE

***Pet blankets may be knitted, crocheted, or sewn, but must be washable! Knitted or crocheted blankets should be a tight weave and fairly thick (use several strands together or a single strand of #5 or #6 bulky yarn.) Suitable fabrics are denim, flannel, heavy cotton with batting in between layers and stitched from corner to corner so the batting doesn’t bunch up when washed.***

 2 small  (20"x20") - DONE 2 medium (24” x 24”) - DONE
 2 large (24” x 30”) - DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY: February 21, 2019



     Meg Bittner

     2241 Butler St.
     Dallas, Texas 75235

Thursday, January 17, 2019

CHALLENGE #4 - 2019

REST Shelter and REST House 
Seattle, Washington


This is Part 2 of Challenge #42 from October 2018.  Due to the large number of items requested, we divided it into two challenges.

REST: Real Escape from the Sex Trade was founded in 2009 by a small team of women with experience dealing with troubled youth and sexual abuse issues.  In 2012, REST opened a long-term residential home for young women ages 18-24.  Today, REST is an institution in the Seattle area for excellent outreach, restoration, and care of girls who are caught in the sex trade.  Through holistic continuum of care (prevention, intervention, and aftercare), REST serves those who are at-risk, actively in, and those taking steps towards exiting a life of sexual exploitation.  “Our desire is to see Washington become hostile to traffickers and to work ourselves out of a job.”

SLIPPERS & WASHCLOTHS: (All children’s slippers should be made in neutral colors suitable for either a boy or a girl.)

  80 Women’s Slippers - DONE

    6 Preteen Slippers - DONE 
    6 Youth Slippers - DONE
    6 Toddler Slippers - DONE
    3 Booties - DONE

100 Washcloths - DONE

PLEASE MAIL BY:  February 15, 2019


Julie McNamara-Dahl
4215 Rainier Ave. South, Suite B
Seattle, Washington  98118

If you wish to make a pledge on this challenge (which is currently active on our Facebook page), please comment below with your pledge or send it to us in an email to:   thepinkslipperproject at

CHALLENGES #1, #2, and #3 of 2019

The first three challenges of 2019 were published on our Facebook page and were completely pledged so quickly that we didn't have an opportunity to put them up on the blog.   These challenges were held for the following shelters:

Challenge #1 - 2019:   Women and Children's Horizons
                                      Kenosha, Wisconsin

Challenge #2 - 2019:   Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services
                                      Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Challenge #3 - 2019:   DOVE, Inc.
                                      Decatur, Illinois

Our members all seem to have come back from our holiday all refreshed and ready to pledge new shelter challenges in 2019! 

If you are new to The Pink Slipper Project, we welcome you and invite you to join us as we endeavor to warm the hearts and toes of women, men, and children who are living in domestic abuse shelters all across the United States.

We do not have a central collection area to receive slippers and washcloths.  Each challenge is run for a specific shelter and members pledge what items and how many (including gender and size) that they wish to make for that challenge and then make and mail their items directly to the shelter address we list in the challenge information.  We usually include a "mail by" date in the challenge, allowing about a month to make and send your items to the shelter.

You may use any pattern you wish for slippers or washcloths, but we prefer acrylic yarn for knitted or crocheted slippers and cotton or a cotton/polyester blend yarn for crocheted or knitted washcloths.

Also, baby booties and children's slippers should be free of any attachments which could be removed and cause a choking hazard.

If you wish to pledge through the blog, you can put your pledge under the challenge post in a comment or in the message box at the top right of the page.   Please reference the Challenge number you are pledging for and the items (gender, size, and number of each) you wish to pledge and also include your name and city/state for our records.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

The Pink Slipper Project Team
(Rachel, Judy, Lynne, Julia, Alinda, and Bonnie)

Monday, January 14, 2019


Welcome back and Happy New Year - 2019!

We returned from our break for the holidays and have already posted two new challenges over on our Facebook page!  These challenges were small compared to some that we do and our members were eager to get started pledging and making slippers and washcloths for women and children in domestic violence shelters across the US once again.   

We will be posting Challenge #3 - 2019 on our Facebook page today (Monday, January 14th) at around Noon (Central time, 1:00 pm Eastern).  It will also be posted here on the blog just a little later in the afternoon.  It is a larger challenge, so hopefully, more members will have an opportunity to join in this time.  

If you wish to join in, just put your pledge in a comment under the blog post here or join us over on our Facebook page.  (If so, be sure to "Like", "Follow" and then click on "Get Notifications" in order to get up to date posts in your newsfeed when a challenge is posted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away and we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

Rachel, Judy, Lynne, Julia, Alinda, and Bonnie
The PSP Admin Team