Wednesday, December 31, 2014


With all of the special activities associated with our Fifth Anniversary from August through October and all of the Challenges going on at the same time, there didn't seem to be enough time to keep the blog updated as it should have been.  I am working on getting everything here updated with all of the Challenges we have completed (and there have been LOTS of them, including Helping Hands and Cozies for Pets challenges) in the last several months!

The current challenge for a repeat shelter in Alaska has just been completed and we will be posting another new challenge before too long and it will be posted here on the blog, too.  While our Challenges are posted and most of the pledges are received through our Facebook page, you can always make a pledge through the blog by posting it as a comment in the Challenge post and we will receive it.  Same with any questions you may have.

I apologize for our blog being out of date for a little while and hope to be back up to speed very shortly!

Rachel and I would like to welcome all of our new members who have joined the Pink Slipper Project recently and we wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2015!!


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