Monday, June 22, 2015

CHALLENGE #22 - 2015

Paladine, Illinois


Although the Wings organization was started as an advocate for homeless women and children, WINGS expanded 30 years later to become one of the largest domestic violence service and housing providers in the state of Illinois.  Single women and women with children are able to receive temporary safe shelter through WINGS housing while staff provides one-on-one, individualized assistance that allows women to set personal goals that will enable them to work, continue their education and care for themselves and their children.


Regarding the numbers - Beth at WINGS indicates there are about 3 children for every adult.  You will see that reflected in the increased number of slippers for children and fewer for women. 

30 Women      ----  DONE
10 Preteen boys   ----   DONE
10 Preteen girls    ----- DONE!!
10 Youth boys    -----   DONE!!
10 Youth girls     -----   DONE!!
10 Toddler boys     -----   DONE
10 Toddler girls     ----  DONE
10 Boy booties     -----   DONE
10 Girl booties     ---   DONE

They would love washcloths!
110 Washcloths  ----   DONE

Mailing Deadline:  July 27, 2015

Send to:

Beth Gardham
P.O. Box 95615
Palatine, IL 60095

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