Thursday, October 8, 2015

COZIES FOR PETS #11 - 2015


Bethel, Alaska


Many domestic violence shelters around the country have realized that providing pet shelter services to their clients often means the difference between a DV victim remaining with the abuser or leaving and seeking shelter. They know that if they leave their pets behind that there is a good possibility that the pets will be abused in their absence. More and more shelters are beginning to add on-site pet services or partnering with local animal shelters or rescues to take care of these pets or find foster or other permanent homes for them.

The shelter in Bethel, Alaska, partners with a local Canine Rescue group to house animals when the ladies need to come to the shelter. Just recently, they watched the cats of one of their residents. The shelter staff think that it would be"awesome" if our group could provide some nice warm cozies (blankets/mats) for this group. We all know that it must be very, very cold in the northern part of Alaska and they have very long winters up there, so here is what we would like to supply to them:

4 - 20" x 20" blankets - DONE!

4 - 24" x 24" blankets - DONE!

4 - 24" x 30" or 30" x 30" blankets - DONE!

Please remember: DO NOT INCLUDE the name of the shelter in the address on your package!


                  P. O. BOX 2029
                  BETHEL, ALASKA 99559

Please DO NOT include the name of the shelter in the mailing address.   Thank You!

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