Friday, April 1, 2016

Thanks to a final pledge from one of our newest members, Elaine, CHALLENGE #13 OF 2016 has been COMPLETED!!   We hope that many hearts and toes in Meridian, Mississippi, will be warmed with all of your wonderful handmade slippers and washcloths!

Rachel is working on getting all of the information ready for our next challenge - and it may be a bigger one - so, if you didn't get in on the last challenge, we hope that you will start or continue making slippers and washcloths in your favorite sizes so that you will be ready to pledge when the next shelter challenge is posted.   Don't forget - we have a "Sizing Chart" which can be found in the right hand column, which lists a breakdown of the slipper sizes (by gender/age) that we usually request for each challenge.   You can use our Signature Pink Slipper patterns or any pattern of your choosing (no decorations on children's/babies slippers due to a possible choking hazard, please).  

When a challenge is posted, which includes the numbers of slippers/washcloths requested for that specific shelter, our members post a "pledge" to make a specific number of slippers and/or washcloths and send them directly to the address listed in the challenge information.   We do not have a central location to store slippers and washcloths made by our members and then send them out to various shelters.  Instead of sending them to us, you are sending them directly to the shelter that you made them for!   

We work mainly from our Facebook page, so if you would like to join us there, we would love to have you.  But if not, you can join in on challenges as we list them here.  We try to keep the numbers still needed in each category updated as quickly as possible (as most pledges come in on the Facebook page).   Just put your pledge in a "comment" on the challenge post and we will receive it.   Occasionally, a pledge will come in for a category that has been filled.  If so, we will get back to you and let you know as quickly as we can.


Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

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