Monday, May 8, 2017

CHALLENGE #14-2017

FAITH HOUSE, Lafayette, LA


Faith House is in Louisiana, which is a new state for us. Faith House has an on-site pet program, so we will be having a Cozies for Pets as part of our challenge. The information needed will be located just below the slipper and washcloth challenge note.

Lets get our engines started and head to Lafayette, LA.

  40 Women - DONE

    5 teen boys - DONE
    4 girl booties - DONE
    4 boy booties - DONE
    8 toddler girls -DONE
    8 toddler boys - DONE
    8 youth girls - DONE
    8 youth boys - DONE
    8 preteen girls - DONE
    8 preteen boys - DONE
100 washcloths - DONE


Brittany Martinez
Faith House
P.O. Box 93145
Lafayette, LA 70509


3 - 20”x20” blankets/pads - DONE
3 - 24”x24” blankets/pads - DONE
2 - 24”x30” or 30”x30” blankets/pads - DONE

Pet blankets/pads may be crocheted, knitted, or sewn. If crochet or knit, blanket yarn or several strands of worsted weight held together makes a nice thick pad. If sewn, flannel, corduroy, fleece or denim are good materials - with a layer of batting in between - with a line or two of stitching through the middle to hold batting in place. Even an old clean blanket can be cut up and used for batting. ALL ITEMS MUST BE WASHABLE!

Mailing date and address are the same for slippers.

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