Friday, July 31, 2015

CHALLENGE #25 - 2015

Shirley, New York
     ****CHALLENGE HAS BEEN COMPLETED! - 08/01/15)
Brighter Tomorrows was established in 1983 to begin raising funds and incorporate as a non-profit agency.  Three years later, they opened up a 19-bed shelter and established a 24-hour Crisis Hotline.   Only two years later, in 1988, they piloted a Transitional Housing Program to facilitate independent living after leaving the shelter setting.  Last year, they opened up their second Transitional Housing site, exclusively for singles.  

For Brighter Tomorrows, we would like to send the following:

  20  Women's   -   DONE
    6  Preteen Girls   -   DONE
    6  Preteen Boys   -   DONE
    6  Youth Girls   -   DONE
    6  Youth Boys   -   DONE
    6  Toddler Girls   -   DONE
    6  Toddler Boys   -   DONE
    6  Booties - Girls   -   DONE
    6  Booties - Boys   -   DONE

  68  Washcloths   -    DONE

MAILING DEADLINE:   August 29, 2015

Brighter Tomorrows, Inc,
Attention:  Isabel McDuffie
PO Box 706
Shirley, New York   11967

This Challenge is also posted on our Facebook page.   Most of our challenge pledges are posted there.   The numbers still needed for each category will be updated here as we receive pledges (both here and on Facebook).   If you wish to pledge, please put it in a "comment" on this post and we will receive via email.   Thank you for joining with us to help warm the hearts of toes of women and children in domestic violence shelters across the US!   

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

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