Monday, July 20, 2015

Well.....Challenge #24 was completely pledged on Facebook before we had an opportunity to post it here on our blog!   What terrific members we have!!!   

One of our long-time members, Lynne Bergman, has stepped up to the plate and agreed to sign on as another Assistant to help out with our Facebook page and the blog.   This Challenge was the first one that she has taken care of posting and logging in the pledges as they come in and keeping the numbers still needed updated on the Facebook page.   She did a wonderful job!!!!!   

Lynne will also be helping to answer any questions that may arise both here and on Facebook.

Thank you, Lynne, for answering Rachel's call and agreeing to help us out with the Pink Slipper Project!!

MONIKA'S HOUSE is a repeat shelter for our group and we always love it when the shelters ask for more of our wonderful, handmade slippers and washcloths.   This particular shelter also has a pet program in place, as well as a crafts/hobby program.   We will be having a "Cozies for Pets" challenge and a "Happy Hands" challenge coming up before too long for this shelter.  So, please keep an eye out for our posts!   

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

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