Wednesday, September 27, 2017

CHALLENGE #31 - 2017

Red Wing, Minnesota

In January, 2011, The Pink Slipper Project sent slippers to Haven of Hope. They said at the time, “We would be honored if you would consider adding the families we serve at the Haven to your list.” That is what our founder, Joyce Lucas, did. When I was working on setting up this year’s challenge, I found a letter from Dan Watson, Director of Services, from a previous challenge. He said, in his letter, “It’s obvious that what you do is a sincere act of love and provides support and heartfelt caring far beyond their circumstances. You truly are making a difference.”

For Haven of Hope, we need:

45 women - DONE

  8 teen boys - Need 8
  7 pre-teen boys - Need 2
  7 pre-teen girls - Need 2
  12 youth boys - DONE
  12 youth girls - DONE
  11 toddler boys - DONE
  11 toddler girls - DONE
    5 booties for boys - DONE
    5 booties for girls - DONE
125 washcloths - DONE

Mailing Deadline is November 1, 2017

Mail to :

    Tammy Gustafson-Reed, Shelter Manager
    HOPE Coalition
    P.O. Box 62
    Red Wing,  MN  55066 
Please post your pledge in a comment below or send to our Pink Slipper Project

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

CHALLENGE #30 - 2017

Naples, Florida


We contacted The Shelter asking if they would like more slippers this year.  They said "yes" and more than last time!  So gals, dust off those needles and hooks.  Let’s get busy.  We are also doing a Cozies for Pets challenge, which is listed below the slippers and washcloths!


   85 women -  DONE
   10 men -  DONE
   10 teen boys -  DONE
   15 preteen girls -  DONE
   15 preteen boys -  DONE
   15 youth girls -  DONE
   15 youth boys -  DONE
   15 toddler girls -  DONE
   15 toddler boys -  DONE
   15 booties, girls -  DONE
   15 booties, boys -  DONE 
 200 washcloths -  DONE

MAILING DEADLINE: October 20. 2017 

   The Shelter for Abused Women and Children 
   c/o Robert Bernardo 
   P.O. Box 10102 
   Naples, FL 34101 

COZIES FOR PETS:  Pets are victims, too, and they deserve some TLC. We send warm slippers for the women and children. Let’s give the pets some warmth and comfort with a blanket of their own.  The Shelter would love to have some of our "Cozies" for their pets.
The blankets may be knitted, crocheted or sewn, but they MUST BE WASHABLE. Please use multiple strands of worsted weight yarn or bulky/super bulky weight for the knitted/crocheted ones. Use the smallest knitting needles or crochet hook as you can as the blankets needs to be firm and as tight as possible.

For the sewn blankets, several layers of fabric and batting is needed to stand up to the wear and tear it will get. Denim is good, as is flannel. If batting is used, be sure that it is stitched from corner to corner or several lines across the middle of the blanket to keep the batting in place so it doesn't bunch up when washed.

If you also pledged slippers and/or washcloths for this shelter, they can all be mailed in the same package. Here we go:

3 blankets, 20 x 20 -  DONE
3 blankets, 24 x 24 -  DONE
1 blanket, 24 x 30 -  DONE


If you would like to join us and take part in this challenge, please send us your pledge in an email to:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Rachel, Lynne, and Judy

Challenge #29-2017 for the Susan B. Anthony shelter in Torrington, Connecticut, was posted and completely pledged very quickly on our Facebook page.    This morning we are posting a new challenge for a shelter in Naples, Florida.   This is a repeat shelter for our group and a fairly large challenge with lots of slippers, washcloths, and pet blankets needed.  So, stay tuned and we hope you will join in with us as we endeavor to warm the hearts and toes of lots of women, men, and children living in the domestic abuse shelters around the US!

Friday, September 1, 2017


For Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse - Pullman, WA


Slippers and yarn, etc. may be sent together in the same package to save on postage.


These pet blankets provide companions with the comfort and warmth they need and deserve.

We’d like to send:
   2 - 20” x 20” blankets - DONE
   2 - 24”x 24” blankets - DONE
   2 - 24”x 30”blankets - DONE

Blankets can be crocheted, knitted or sewn. If crocheting or knitting, please use several strands of worsted weight or at least one strand of bulky or extra bulky acrylic yarn in a simple pattern without holes. If you are using fabric, use fleece, flannel, corduroy or similar warm material (with a filler). ALL blankets must be washable.


Share your joy of knitting and crocheting by sending the women at ATVP a gift that will keep on giving. Pass It On.

You may send used knitting needles and crochet hooks, but please do not send plastic knitting needles that are bowed or bent. No 14” knitting needles, please.

Yarn – Worsted or bulky preferred. No partial skeins or balls. Please don't send wool or wool blend due to allergies.

Knitting needles
– 8” or 10”, single or double point. Circulars are fine too. Preferred sizes for knitting needles are 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 ½, 11.

Crochet hooks
– Preferred sizes are G, H, I, J, and K. Scissors – We ask that scissors be children's blunt tipped scissors. They are sharp enough for yarn and kids can use them too.

We would like to send them:

   7 skeins of yarn, worsted or bulky - DONE
   7 pair of knitting needles - DONE
   7 crochet hooks - DONE
   7 scissors – blunt tipped - DONE
   7 yarn needles (large eyed) - DONE


     Amy Volz , Coordinator of Domestic Violence Services
     1125 NW Nye, Suite A
     Pullman, WA 99163

This challenge is also running on our Facebook page.  If you would like to pledge any of the above, please send an email to us at:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

CHALLENGE #28 - 2017

Pullman, Washington


Let's send some slippers and washcloths to ATVP.   They loved what our members made and sent to them last year and would be happy to get more.

Here is what we want to send:

30 women - DONE

  3 teen boys - DONE
  6 preteen girls - DONE
  6 preteen boys - DONE
  6 youth girls - DONE
  6 youth boys - DONE
  6 toddler girls - DONE

  6 toddler boys - DONE
  6 booties gender neutral - DONE

75 washcloths - DONE

MAILING DEADLINE:   October 2, 2017


Amy Volz, Coordinator of Domestic Violence Svcs.
1125 NW Nye,  Suite A
Pullman, WA  99163

If you wish to pledge this challenge, please send an email to: and let us know the category or categories and number of each that you wish to make and send to the shelter, along with the challenge number.   

We also run these challenges on our Facebook page.  If a category has been fully pledged via Facebook that you pledge, we will contact you as soon as possible.   Thank you!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Wowee!!  Challenge #27-2017 was completely pledged within 4-1/2 hours of posting it!   Kudos to all of our wonderful PSP slipper and washcloth makers who jumped right in on this one and finished it up in a hurry. For those of you who missed out, don't worry.......we will have another challenge coming up soon!

Most of our pledges for the challenges come in on our Facebook page. Sometimes pledges come in so fast there that we don't have time to get the challenge posted here on the blog because it keeps us busy keeping the numbers updated.   

As you see, some of our challenges (especially the smaller ones) get pledged very quickly; larger ones may take many days.

We have lots of wonderful, enthusiastic members from all across the country and hope that you will join us in our endeavor to warm the hearts and toes of women and children living in domestic violence shelters across the USA!

~~~ Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

CHALLENGE #27 - 2017



We have sent slippers and washcloths to Valdez previously and they would like more. So, let's get started:

25 women - DONE

  2 teen boys - DONE
  7 preteen girls - DONE
  7 preteen boys - DONE
  7 youth girls - DONE
  7 youth boys - DONE

  7 toddler girls - DONE
  7 toddler boys - DONE
  7 booties - girls - DONE

  7 booties - boys - DONE
85 washcloths - DONE

Mailing Deadline: September 30, 2017

Send to:

    Patty Masters
    P.O. Box 524
    Valdez, AK   99686

If you wish to make a pledge for this challenge, please send it to our email address:

We will need the category/categories you wish to pledge and the number you wish to make for each one.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

Monday, August 21, 2017

CHALLENGE #26 - 2017

THE LAUREL CENTER - Winchester, Virginia


In 1991, The Laurel Center was the first program in Virginia to change the identities of two families whose situations were so dangerous that they required new identities and relocation outside Virginia.

Let's send slippers and washcloths to the Laurel Center. Please use generic colors for all slipper sizes (with the exception of women’s).

35 women - DONE
  9 preteens - DONE
  9 youth - DONE
  9 toddlers - DONE
  5 baby booties - DONE
70 washcloths - DONE

Mailing Date: September 25, 2017

Send to:
   Cindy Marzullo
   Box 14
   Winchester, VA 22604

If you would like to take part in this challenge, please send us your pledge via our email:   We will need to know which category/categories and the number you wish to make in each category you pledge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

CHALLENGE #25 - 2017

San Antonio, Texas

The Battered Women and Children’s Shelter was referred to us by our member, Regina E.  Thank you, Regina, for sharing the info.  We are having some great shelters referred to us by our members.

So, everyone, we are off to visit the Battered Women and Children's shelter in San Antonio, Texas.

Here is what we will need for them:

 135 women - Still need 76
   10 teen boys and men - Still need 3
   15 preteen girls - Still need 15
   15 preteen boys - DONE
   15 youth girls - DONE
   15 youth boys - DONE
   10 toddler girls - DONE
   10 toddler boys - DONE
    5 girl booties - DONE
    5 boy booties - DONE
250 Washcloths - DONE

MAILING DEADLINE: September 15, 2017


Battered Women and Children's Shelter
2617 N. Main Street
San Antonio, TX (double checking the zip code....will post as soon as confirmed)

We apologize for the blog not being updated for a while with all of the challenges that we have done recently on our Facebook page.    One of our administrator's mother was very ill and she didn't have the extra time to add the challenges here.   However, our Pink Slipper Project members have been very busy over on Facebook, pledging and making slippers and washcloths for 10 more challenges since we posted here.   We have had challenges for the following DV shelters:

#15 - 2017  -  Spruce Run - Bangor, Maine
#16 - 2017  -  Circle of Hope - Cornelia, Georgia
#17 - 2017  -  Safehouse  -  Denver, Colorado
#18 - 2017  -  Women's Shelter  -  Long Beach, California
#19 - 2017  -  Family Abuse Center  -  Waco, Texas
#20 - 2017  -  Care Lodge  -  Meredian, Mississippi
#21 - 2017  - DOVE, Inc.  -  Decatur, Illinois
#22 - 2017  -  HAVIN  -  Kittanning, Pennsylvania
#23 - 2017  -  YWCA  -  St. Joseph, Missouri
#24 - 2017  -  Bethany House  -  Toledo, Ohio

We just posted a new challenge this afternoon on Facebook and it is already being pledged!  It will be posted here on the blog shortly!    Please feel free to join us by sending your pledge to our email address at or check out our Facebook page and make your pledge there.

If  you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

Monday, May 8, 2017

CHALLENGE #14-2017

FAITH HOUSE, Lafayette, LA


Faith House is in Louisiana, which is a new state for us. Faith House has an on-site pet program, so we will be having a Cozies for Pets as part of our challenge. The information needed will be located just below the slipper and washcloth challenge note.

Lets get our engines started and head to Lafayette, LA.

  40 Women - DONE

    5 teen boys - DONE
    4 girl booties - DONE
    4 boy booties - DONE
    8 toddler girls -DONE
    8 toddler boys - DONE
    8 youth girls - DONE
    8 youth boys - DONE
    8 preteen girls - DONE
    8 preteen boys - DONE
100 washcloths - DONE


Brittany Martinez
Faith House
P.O. Box 93145
Lafayette, LA 70509


3 - 20”x20” blankets/pads - DONE
3 - 24”x24” blankets/pads - DONE
2 - 24”x30” or 30”x30” blankets/pads - DONE

Pet blankets/pads may be crocheted, knitted, or sewn. If crochet or knit, blanket yarn or several strands of worsted weight held together makes a nice thick pad. If sewn, flannel, corduroy, fleece or denim are good materials - with a layer of batting in between - with a line or two of stitching through the middle to hold batting in place. Even an old clean blanket can be cut up and used for batting. ALL ITEMS MUST BE WASHABLE!

Mailing date and address are the same for slippers.

Friday, April 28, 2017

****UPDATE****   CHALLENGE #13-2017 went up on the Facebook page and was completely pledged so quickly that it didn't get posted on the blog!   

There will be a new challenge posted soon......probably sometime keep checking in with us or, better yet, sign up to receive notifications of new posts (in right column).

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CHALLENGE #12 - 2017

DAIS – Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
Madison, Wisconsin


From the DAIS website: What is the Power of One Campaign? It is the power of one voice, one message, one conversation, one intervention. We all have the power to change harmful attitudes, to speak up, and to support the work to end domestic abuse. The campaign is open to anyone who wants to take action to prevent domestic abuse.

Let's send the power of many Pink Slipper hands to Madison, WI.

  40 women - DONE
    2 men -  DONE
    8 preteen girls -  DONE
    8 preteen boys -  DONE
    8 youth girls -  DONE
    8 youth boys -  DONE
    8 toddler girls -  DONE
    8 toddler boys -  DONE
    8 booties girls -  DONE
    8 booties boys -  DONE
100 Washcloths  -  DONE


Alyssa Theda, Development Associate
2102 Fordem Avenue
Madison, WI 53704

In the last month or so, our Admins have been very busy with personal and family issues and the blog has been neglected a little bit.   But, several challenges have been posted (and completed) over on our Facebook page during this time......including our last challenge, which was a very large one.   To our amazement (well, maybe I shouldn't say that because we have such wonderful and dedicated members in this group), this very large challenge was completely pledged in TWO DAYS!!!!  

We have now posted our next challenge  ---  CHALLENGE #12 of 2017  ---  to the Facebook page and will be posting here on the blog very shortly.

If you would like to take part in this challenge by pledging and making some slippers for this shelter, please list your pledge in the comments area under the challenge - OR - even better, send it by email to us:

You may use whatever pattern you wish as long as it falls within the size category for the slippers that you pledge.   We need to know which category or categories you wish to make and how many of each size.    The mailing info and mail by date will be included in the challenge information.

There is a Sizing Chart link in the right hand column of the blog.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Rachel, Lynne, and Judy

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

CHALLENGE #9 - 2017



Haven House is the only domestic violence shelter for a population of over 137,000. They are looking forward to receiving slippers and washcloths.

Are our needles and hooks ready to get to work for Haven House?

20 women - Done

  5 baby booties - Done

10 toddler girls - Done

10 toddler boys - Done

10 youth girls - Done

10 youth boys - Done

10 preteen girls - Done

10 preteen boys - Done

  5 teen boys - Done

90 washcloths - Done

MAILING DEADLINE: April 10, 2017

     Ralph Valenzuela

     P.O. Box 15611
     Rio Rancho, NM 87174

Please send your pledge to our email: