Thursday, July 24, 2014

"HAPPY HANDS #1 - Monika's House

     We will be sending "Happy Hands" gifts to Monika's House.  They will receive not only our slippers and our Cozies for Pets, but also, these items will give them "Happy Hands". 

     Happy Hands will work this way.  There are items that Monika's House would like but not in huge amounts.  If you would like to help out, please make a pledge.  Then, as we do with slippers, when we reach the stated amount, we'll be done.  You may send used knitting needles.  If you send plastic ones, please do not send those that are bent and bowed.  Plastic needles tend to bow if they are heavily used.  Preferences for sizes will be 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-1/2, and 11.  

For Happy Hands #1 @ Monika's House - we would like the following:

  8  skeins of yarn.  Worsted or bulky preferred.  No partial skeins or balls.  -  DONE!

  8 knitting looms of various sizes.  Make sure the instructions are included.  -  DONE!

  8  knitting needles 8", 10".  Single or double point.  Circulars are fine too.  Please do       not send 14" needles.  -  DONE!

15 crochet hooks of various sizes.  Preferred sizes G, H, I, J, K.   -  DONE!

12 prs. of scissors.  I've found children's blunt tipped scissors are sharp enough for          yarn and then the children can use them too.  -  DONE!

15 Gift Cards from Joann's would make a truly wonderful gift for the shelters.  Then        they could buy crafts supplies they need.  Joann's was chosen as there is one              where the shelter is located.  Joann's gift cards are available at many of the gift          card kiosks at Walmart, supermarkets, etc. or online.

         Share your joy of knitting and crocheting by sending the women at Monika's House a gift that will keep on giving.  Pass It On!  

Mailing Deadline:  August  15, 2014.

Send to:

Valerie Bundy
Director of Shelter Services
P.O. Box 91550
Portland, Oregon 97291

*** SPECIAL #2 *** 

    A week or so ago, Judy posted a question to all of our members on Facebook about what your craft (sewing, knitting, crocheting) meant to you.  What does it do for YOU?  We received many responses, but there was a main theme running through all of them......"relaxation", "stress reliever", "adds joy to my cup", "inner peace", "warm fuzzies", "creative outlet", "feeling of accomplishment". 

     "When I made prayer afghans, each stitch resembled a prayer, so I am using mine now in the same way for myself and my family." - Linda Darby Adams

     "I may not be able to solve world hunger, cure cancer, give every child, every homeless person, every battered woman a home, a meal, a hug, but I sure can make a pair of slippers!  Or a wash cloth, a scarf, a hat, a blanket.  And that one person who receives something I stitched will know at least for a little while someone was thinking about them.  Someone was thinking OF them.  Someone cares." - Karen Baisley

     A common thread - making something with our hands for someone else helps US almost as much as we hope that it will bring joy to the other person.  It brings us an inner peace.

     In that light, The Pink Slipper Project is adding another new "special" project for the DV shelters that we reach out to.....the "Happy Hands" Project.   Many shelters are adding sewing rooms, having a group activity for knitters/crocheters, knitting/crocheting classes at their shelters for the women and children, etc.  Many times their "wish lists" include supplies, such as, yarn (new), knitting needles, crochet hooks, and knitting looms.   These programs give the women and children a chance to learn a new and useful "hobby" to help them relax and be productive, too!   By helping to provide supplies to them, we, in turn, will have the wonderful opportunity to "PASS IT ON" to someone else.  As they learn and create, hopefully, they will "pass it on", too, by making items for other women and children coming into the shelters.

     We hope that you will want to join with us in this new endeavor.  As with the "Cozies for Pets", we will not generally be asking for large quantities of the various items and the challenge will only be done in conjunction with a shelter challenge for slippers and/or washcloths.

When the 5th Anniversary Celebration was announced, we said there would be some "special" shelters. One of the "specials" you've already seen with the "Cozies for Pets". Our next "Special" shelter will be coming up tomorrow!! I hope you will be as excited over this one as you have been with Cozies for Pets. 

 I do want to stress that these specials will not be with every shelter we do. I have noticed an increase in the number of shelters that either house pets or make arrangement for housing offsite. This prompted Judy and I to discuss adding special projects from time to time. Judy will handle the Cozies and I'll do the next one. 

 Our next Special is a way for all our members to participate. We have hundreds of friends that haven't taken part in our challenges. This new project will be one in which you can help even from the comfort of your own home. 

 Until tomorrow when our new project "Special" will be unveiled. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014


 Hillsboro, Oregon


As Rachel mentioned in the slippers/washcloths challenge, Monika's House is proud to be just one of only five domestic abuse shelters in Oregon which also accepts family pets into their shelter.  Currently, cats and small dogs are allowed to be kept in the shelter, while larger dogs are kenneled outside.   They are currently building their very own Pet Sanctuary where all of the pets will be kept while their owners are at the shelter.   This new Pet Sanctuary will be opening in August.   

For our 2nd Cozies for Pets challenge, we are asking for the following:

     2  -  20" x 20" blankets   -   DONE

     2  -  24" x 24" blankets   -   DONE

     1  -  24" x 30+" blanket   -   DONE

Mailing Deadline:  August 15, 2014

Mailing Address:

Valerie Bundy, Director of Shelter Services
P.O. Box 91550
Portland, OR   97291 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

We are done!  With all the wonderful dedicated members we have, the challenges are finished super fast. You all are terrific!  We will be busy this weekend!   Thanks so much for all you do.


Hillsboro, Oregon

     (Challenge has been completed!)

Monika's House is named in memory of a domestic violence victim, Monika Voits, an Oregon woman who was murdered in her bed by her husband.  Every year they provide safe shelter to more than 200 adults, children and their pets, fleeing from danger of family violence.

Monika's House is proud to be one of only 5 shelters in Oregon providing safe shelter to family pets and companion animals as well.  Therapy and service animals are housed inside.  Their new indoor Pet Sanctuary is currently under construction!  (A challenge for the Pets will be done after the slippers are pledged.)

To quote the Director of Shelter Services:  “This is awesome and very much looking forward to it.”

(For this challenge, please make all teen, preteen, youth, toddler and booties in gender neutral colors.   Thanks.)
For Monika's House we will need:

25 women's  -  DONE

  5 booties   -   DONE

10 toddlers   -   DONE

  5 youth   -   DONE

  4 preteen   -   DONE

  1 men's   -   DONE

  2 teen boys   -   DONE

 50 Washcloths   -   DONE

Mailing Deadline:  August 15, 2014

Mailing Address:

Valerie Bundy, Director of Shelter Services
P.O. Box 91550
Portland, OR   97291 

This challenge is also listed on our Facebook page.   If you wish to make a pledge here on the blog, just place your pledge in a comment box in this post and we will receive it.   Numbers of blankets/washcloths still needed will be updated here as well as on the Facebook page.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our very first "Cozies for Pets" mini-challenge for companion animals at A New Hope Center in Owego, NY, has already been pledged!    Thank you to our wonderful members who stepped up so quickly to this new endeavor.   We are seeing more and more domestic abuse shelters adding a companion animal shelter to their programs.  I am sure we will be posting more "Cozies for Pets" challenges in the very near future.