HAVEN OF HOPE - Red Wing, Minnesota

The HOPE Coalition is one of our two Christmas shelters.  Haven of Hope is located in Red Wing, Minnesota.  In January, 2011 The Pink Slipper Project sent slippers to Haven of Hope.  They said at that time “We would be honored if you would consider adding the families we serve at the haven to your list.”  And that is what Joyce Lucas did. 

This year we were contacted by Dan Watson, the Director of Services, asking if we would be able to provide them with more slippers.  He said in his letter “It’s obvious that what you do is a sincere act of love that provides support and heart felt caring far beyond their circumstances.  You truly are making a difference.” 
For Haven of Hope, we needed 94 pairs of slippers.

Mailing Deadline:   December 12, 2013
Slippers were pledged by:
Mary Jane Parsons -  2 women, 2 youth boys
Jan Oswald -  5 women, 2 teen boys, 2 preteen girls
Kate Sheen -  8 women, 2 toddler boys, 2 toddler girls, 1 girl booties & 1 boy booties
Grammie Joyce -  6 women, 2 toddler boys, 2 toddler girls, 2 youth girls, 2 youth boys
Fitzy Fitzpatrick - 3 women, 3 preteen girls
Peggy Drake - 1 toddler girl, 1 toddler boy
Linda Westby - 3 toddler girls, 3 toddler boys, 2 youth girls, 2 teen boys
Merrilee Pascarie - 2 women
Kate Sheen - 5 boy & 5 girl booties, 6 preteen boys, 3 preteen girls
Lisa Rodriquez - 2 women
Heidi McMickle - 2 women
Jan Oswald - 6 youth girls, 5 women, 2 teen boys, 2 preteen girls
Sarah Frankie - 4 teen boys, 6 youth boys
Keira Strong - 2 preteen boys

LA CASA  -  Las Cruces, New Mexico

La Casa has been providing safe housing and counseling for victims of domestic violence and their children for 25 years in its 45-bed shelter. They envision a community knowledgeable about domestic violence and committed to its eradication.  Something that quickly caught my eye on their website is a long listing of domestic violence links. There are links for shelters from New Mexico to New Hampshire.   Also listed are other links, such as, Commission on Domestic Violence - American Bar Association, National Tribal Justice Resource Center and a State by State Legal Information and Resources for Domestic Violence, etc.  This is a valuable resource for many people.

For La Casa we needed 105 pair of slippers. 
Mailing deadline:  December 12, 2013

Slippers were pledged by:

Jan Oswald - 6 youth girls, 2 teen boys, 5 women, 5 toddler girls
Grammie Joyce - 4 women's, 2 toddler girls, 2 toddler boys, 2 youth boys, 2 youth girls
Keira Strong - 5 women's, 3 girls booties
Kate Sheen - 10 women's, 3 toddler boys, 4 toddler girls, 4 preteen girls
Leana Albuquerque - 4 women's
Lisa Rodriguez - 1 women's
Heidi Baker - 2 women's
Sarah Frankie - 4 teen boys
Beth Doan - 5 preteen boys

AUGUST, 2013

WOMEN'S SAFE HOUSE  -  Saint Louis, Missouri

This is a repeat shelter.   We made both slippers and washcloths for this Challenge!

Mailing deadline:  November 1, 2013

Pledges were made by:

Carol Levesque - 5 ladies, 2 preteen boys
Cindy Snarr - 10 women's, 10 washcloths
Grammie Joyce - 4 women's, 2 toddler girls, 2 youth girls, 2 preteen girls, 2 teen girls, 2 toddler boys
Heidi McMickle - 5 washcloths
Kate Sheen - 8 women's, 8 toddler boys, 2 toddler girls, 2 teen girls, 5 boys booties
Keira Strong - 4 women's, 4 youth girls, 5 boys booties
Kristen Norris - 2 girls booties, 2 boys booties, 5 washcloths
Leanna Wilkerson - 5 washcloths
Linda Westby - 4 women's, 3 teen girls, 3 preteen girls
Mariah Knudsen - 15 women's, 2 teen boys, 2 girls booties, 2 youth girls, 3 boys booties, 2 toddler boys
Mary Jane Parsons - 10 washcloths
Mary Anne Teal - 3 girls booties
Norma Wampler - 20 washcloths, 2 women's
Sue Ackerman - 5 washcloths
Peggy Drake - 5 women's, 10 washcloths

Please post to the Facebook page when you mail your package.  Thank you.

NEW HOPE SHELTER  -  Attleboro, Massachusetts

New Hope is a non-profit human service agency with over 30 years of experience in assisting people in crisis and delivering innovative quality service.  They work to end domestic violence by helping people live safer lives.   Safer for those victimized by family and relationship violence.   Safer also for adults and children who have survived rape, incest and other sexual assaults.

For a two-month supply, we needed:  74 pairs of slippers and 70 washcloths.
Mailing deadline:   October 21, 2013

Pledges were made by:

Kate Sheen
Mary Klein Piltch
Joann Hesler Collins
Kylie Abney 
Sue Ackerman
Mariquita Dela Torre
Keira Strong
Gloria DeBenedetto
Joan Martino
Linda Westby

JULY, 2013
GENESIS HOUSE I and III  -  Detroit, Michigan
Since The Pink Slipper Project was founded in 2009, Joyce Lucas made sure that there were slippers for Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers when EM turned a domestic violence shelter from drab into a place of peace and possibilities. In 2012 Terry and her volunteers did a 20+ room makeover at Genesis House II in Detroit, Michigan.  For 2013 Terry and her staff are again visiting Detroit and will make over Genesis House I and III. This is a huge undertaking.  Terry likes big projects!
To quote Terry about Genesis I and III:   "I don't know the story behind the teen girls. The shelter leaves that confidential. The girls and their children live at Genesis I House from up to 6 months to a year. Some girls at Genesis I  have been kicked out of the home because the pregnancy."

"The Genesis III House Is a shelter in a church for women and their children.  They are coming right off the streets and some are battling addiction.  My heart is really close to the Genesis III house.  When I visited Genesis III. the sadness among the women was just heartbreaking.  We always request prayers also for the women and children."

As in the past, The Pink Slipper Project will make sure that every woman and child will have a pair of slippers.  I’m going to combine Genesis I and III as it will make it easier for everyone.  We will need:

34 Toddler size in unisex colors.
20 for the Teen Moms in bright, cheerful and popular teen colors.
14 for children 5-10 yrs old - Youth to Pre-teen sizes.   6” - 8” should work.
60 for the adult Moms.     Let’s keep these in bright colors if possible.

Recently I shared something from The Crochet Crowd’s Facebook page about crocheting something that would make a difference to someone.   Let’s do that with the slippers going to Genesis I and III.  I’m sure the teen moms would love a small toy for the toddlers if you’d like to send something.
We’ll need a lot of slippers but there is plenty of time.

Mailing deadline: October 16, 2013

Sue Ackerman - 2 youths, toys
Fitzy Fitzgerald - 4 teen girls
Sarah Frankie - 5 women's
Grammy Joyce - 5 toddlers, 3 youth, 20 women's
Norma Wampler -  18 toddlers, 5 women's
Carol Levesque - 5 toddlers, 5 teen moms, bears
Heidi McMickle - 5 women's
Keira Strong - 10 teen moms, 4 youths
Mary Anne Teal -  6 toddlers
Rachel Terrill - 1 teen mom, 1 youth unisex
Judy Warehime - 8 women's
Linda Westby - 10 women's, 4 youths

CAPE CODE CENTER FOR WOMEN  -  North Falmouth, Massachusetts
When I’m writing up a shelter, I read about it on their website and write up a description.  For the Cape Cod Center for Women all I had to do is use the words of former residents about their experiences.

“I came out of the shelter a totally different person.”
“I learned better parenting skills.”
“My child thrived in a safe and loving environment.”
“I finally learned I am a survivor not a victim anymore.”
“Now I know who I am, how much I am worth, and who to bring in my life.”
“I learned how to write a resume, prepare for a job interview, and budget my finances.”

Those are just a few of the feelings of the residents about their stays at this small shelter on Cape Cod.

For 2 months the Cape Cod shelter will need:
15 Women's slippers     
Baby booties    Already pledged
15 Toddler slippers (unisex colors)
15 Youth slippers (unisex colors)
20 Washcloths 

Mailing deadline:  November 4, 2013.


"In Memory of Lynn Brookside"
Lynn was a woman who died as a result of many years of abuse and domestic violence. And as such, we dedicate all the slippers sent in her memory. Since Lynn was never in a shelter, a shelter in her hometown area of San Diego, CA was selected to receive the slippers.  Please enclose a note with your slippers indicating they are "In Memory Of Lynn Brookside".

The Center for Community Solutions has 2 domestic violence shelters and 1 transitional shelter. In 1988 CCS opened Project Safehouse and it was the first facility to address the lack of emergency housing for battered women in South and East San Diego County.  In 2005 the North County Next Step Domestic Violence Transitional Housing program received $100,000 of building supplies from Home Depot and countless hours of volunteer construction.  In 2007 CCCS’s North County emergency shelter Hidden Valley House was the recipient of a $250,000 Extreme Home V Makeover, giving the shelter a bright, nurturing environment.

For these 3 shelters we needed the following:
20 pair Ladies
5 pair Teen Girls
2 pair Ladies 10 ½”long/size 10 shoe size
5 Toddler Girls
6 Toddler Boys
2 Youth Boys
6 Youth Girls
4 Preteen Boys
5 Preteen Girls
5 Teen Boys (age 12/8 ½” long)
45 Washcloths
Mailing deadline August 19, 2013.
Pledges were made by:

Sue Ackerman - 1 women's, 5 washcloths
Joann Collins - 6 toddler boys, 5 washcloths
Judith Conkle - 3 preteen boys
Mariquita Dela Torre -  5 preteen girls, 3 preteen boys
Sandie Desaulniers - 6 washcloths
Peggy Drake - 2 women's, 7 washcloths
Sarah Frankie -  2 women's longs, 5 women's regular
Dena Gast - 5 youth girls
Grammie Joyce - 2 women's, 2 teen girls, 2 toddler girls, 2 youth boys
Ellen Helms - 5 toddler girls, 10 women's, 2 unisex youth
Kate Sheen - 2 teen boys, 3 teen girls, 5 teen boys, 4 washcloths
Norma Wampler - 18 washcloths
Rachel Terrill - 5 women's
SAFE HARBOR  -  Kaysville, Utah

My thanks to our member, Keira, for finding another challenge for us in her home state of Utah. I like to tell you a little about the shelter and decided for Safe Harbor I would quote something from their website. “May is synonymous with Mother’s Day, a time to celebrate the wonderful women who gave us life and nurtured us.  Tragically, in the past year, thousands of children lost their mothers to domestic violence. In Utah, one in three adult homicides are domestic violence related homicides. The number one cause of death among pregnant women in the US is homicide.  In googling the research for this startling statistic a forum conversation doubting this information was one of the first returned results, which serves a reminder of how little people talk about or understand domestic violence.
This is why Safe Harbor adopted a new tagline, ”Offering Hope, Ending the Silence.” This tagline reflects our undertaking to create a community where
violence and abuse are not tolerated; where all individuals are empowered to choose a life free of violence. The only way to achieve this is if we all lend our voices to say no to violence. It’s time we all speak out. Start the conversation - it could save a life.”

For Safe Harbor we needed:

33 women's/teen girls
11 baby booties (some pink, some blue or gender neutral)
12 Youth boys 12 Youth Girls 6 Teen Boys
65 Washcloths

Mailing deadline June 24, 2013

Although winter is several months away, Safe Harbor would love anything we can send, such as, hats or scarves, to have when cold weather comes again.

Pledges were made by: 

Norma Wampler - 25 washcloths, 6 youth boys
Keira Strong - 6 booties, 4 women's, 2 youth girls, 2 youth boys, 2 teens
Lori Lori - 10 washcloths
Grammie Joyce - 14 women's, 2 youth girls
Kate Sheen - 8 washcloths, 5 booties, 9 women's
Carol Levesque - 5 toddlers, 5 youths, bears
Kathy Fullhart  -10 washcloths, 2 youth girls
Joann Collins - 5 washcloths
Linda Westby - 4 women's, 2 teen boys, 2 youth boys, 2 youth girls
Marquita Dela Torre - 5 women's, scarves, cowls
Heidi McMickle  - 7 washcloths
Mary Jo Parsons - 3 women's
Regina Mixon  - washcloths
Sarah Frankie - 2 teen boys, 2 youth boys
Kristen Norris - 2 women's
Cindy Snarr - 4 youth girls

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