Wednesday, July 16, 2014




     Since this is our first challenge for "Cozies for Pets" at a domestic violence abuse shelter, we are not requesting a large number of blankets.   For now, we are just going to request a few blankets in a couple of sizes.   Blankets can be crocheted, knitted, or sewn.   If sewn and you wish to place batting between layers of material, please sew a few rows of stitching across the length or width of the blanket to secure the batting so it doesn't wad up when washed.
     Just a little information on the Companion Animal Program at A New Hope Center:
     "We offer shelter, respite care, adoption, and other services for companion animals and certain farm animals.
     Animals are beloved members of many families and are often the targets of abuse.  It can be either to intimidate and further taunt a victim, or to suffer additional abuse just because a batterer feels like hurting the animal.
     As a part of our comprehensive services to families struggling with the effects of domestic violence, ANHS feels that this program is critically important and can even make the difference between a battered woman escaping or staying with an abuser rather than leaving a vulnerable animal behind."
     For this very first challenge, we are asking for the following:
     2  -  20" x 20" blankets  -  DONE
     2  -  24" x 24" blankets  -  DONE
     1  -  24" x 30+" blanket  -  DONE

MAILING DEADLINE:    August 13, 2014

     A New Hope Center
     Attn:  Francis Bialy, Executive Director
     20 Church Street
     Owego,  New York   13827

This mini-challenge is also listed on our Facebook page.   If you wish to make a pledge here on the blog, just place your pledge in a comment box in this post and we will receive it.   Numbers of blankets still needed will be updated here as well as on the Facebook page.


Crafty Lady Sandi said...

Sending out 8 different size ca/dog blanket on August 4, 2014. I make these for our local animal shelter here in Plano, Texas..

The Pink Slipper Project said...
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