Thursday, July 24, 2014

"HAPPY HANDS #1 - Monika's House

     We will be sending "Happy Hands" gifts to Monika's House.  They will receive not only our slippers and our Cozies for Pets, but also, these items will give them "Happy Hands". 

     Happy Hands will work this way.  There are items that Monika's House would like but not in huge amounts.  If you would like to help out, please make a pledge.  Then, as we do with slippers, when we reach the stated amount, we'll be done.  You may send used knitting needles.  If you send plastic ones, please do not send those that are bent and bowed.  Plastic needles tend to bow if they are heavily used.  Preferences for sizes will be 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-1/2, and 11.  

For Happy Hands #1 @ Monika's House - we would like the following:

  8  skeins of yarn.  Worsted or bulky preferred.  No partial skeins or balls.  -  DONE!

  8 knitting looms of various sizes.  Make sure the instructions are included.  -  DONE!

  8  knitting needles 8", 10".  Single or double point.  Circulars are fine too.  Please do       not send 14" needles.  -  DONE!

15 crochet hooks of various sizes.  Preferred sizes G, H, I, J, K.   -  DONE!

12 prs. of scissors.  I've found children's blunt tipped scissors are sharp enough for          yarn and then the children can use them too.  -  DONE!

15 Gift Cards from Joann's would make a truly wonderful gift for the shelters.  Then        they could buy crafts supplies they need.  Joann's was chosen as there is one              where the shelter is located.  Joann's gift cards are available at many of the gift          card kiosks at Walmart, supermarkets, etc. or online.

         Share your joy of knitting and crocheting by sending the women at Monika's House a gift that will keep on giving.  Pass It On!  

Mailing Deadline:  August  15, 2014.

Send to:

Valerie Bundy
Director of Shelter Services
P.O. Box 91550
Portland, Oregon 97291

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