Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hillsboro, Oregon

     (Challenge has been completed!)

Monika's House is named in memory of a domestic violence victim, Monika Voits, an Oregon woman who was murdered in her bed by her husband.  Every year they provide safe shelter to more than 200 adults, children and their pets, fleeing from danger of family violence.

Monika's House is proud to be one of only 5 shelters in Oregon providing safe shelter to family pets and companion animals as well.  Therapy and service animals are housed inside.  Their new indoor Pet Sanctuary is currently under construction!  (A challenge for the Pets will be done after the slippers are pledged.)

To quote the Director of Shelter Services:  “This is awesome and very much looking forward to it.”

(For this challenge, please make all teen, preteen, youth, toddler and booties in gender neutral colors.   Thanks.)
For Monika's House we will need:

25 women's  -  DONE

  5 booties   -   DONE

10 toddlers   -   DONE

  5 youth   -   DONE

  4 preteen   -   DONE

  1 men's   -   DONE

  2 teen boys   -   DONE

 50 Washcloths   -   DONE

Mailing Deadline:  August 15, 2014

Mailing Address:

Valerie Bundy, Director of Shelter Services
P.O. Box 91550
Portland, OR   97291 

This challenge is also listed on our Facebook page.   If you wish to make a pledge here on the blog, just place your pledge in a comment box in this post and we will receive it.   Numbers of blankets/washcloths still needed will be updated here as well as on the Facebook page.

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