Wednesday, July 2, 2014


When we have a request for slippers, it is called a "Challenge".  Once I've verified with the shelter about numbers and sizes of slippers, I post an introduction to the shelter.

The introduction will include information about the shelter, the number of slippers needed according to size, and the number of washcloths (if requested).   We make ladies/teen girls, teen boys, babies, toddlers (ages 1-4), youth (ages 5-8), preteen (ages 9-12) sizes and washcloths.  Washcloths are usually 7-8” by 7-8”.   Also included is the mailing deadline as well as the mailing address.

In order to send enough slippers for everyone,  pledges are needed.    Please put your pledge in a comments box below.  (Most pledges are received on our Facebook page, but if you make a pledge here, we will receive it.  Numbers needed are updated here as they are received both places.)   All slippers and washcloths are mailed by the maker directly to the shelter and need to be mailed by the date included in the challenge info.

A copy of our size chart for slippers is in the Notes section of our Facebook page as well as in the right column here on the blog.    You can make your slippers in any style or color you wish.   Bulky yarn, worsted weight using 1 strand or two, or 2 strands of sport work the best for the children and adult sizes.

Please make a note of what you pledged, the shelter name/address and the mailing deadline.  A copy of the challenge introduction and those who pledged will be placed in the Notes section (Facebook) and in the "2014 Challenges-Completed" (blog) if you need to verify your pledge or get the address.

Rachel Terrill,  Coordinator

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