Wednesday, July 16, 2014

**** SPECIAL ****

We recently announced that we had some special things planned for this summer and fall and here comes the first one!!

We are announcing the start of our "COZIES FOR PETS" challenges. Rachel and I have noticed that many of the domestic violence abuse shelters around the country are now starting or have had a "Companion Animal Program". Sometimes the shelter for the pets is at the shelter location and other times offsite with fosters or a local animal shelter. Having this service available often times makes the difference between a battered woman escaping or staying with the abuser rather than leaving a family pet behind to be abused.

We would like to include these family pets in our challenges, too, where there is a pet program available at the shelter, and make Pet Cozies (blankets or beds) to help them adjust to their new surroundings. Pet blankets probably should be about 20"x20", 24"x24" or could be larger for a larger dog. They can be sewn, crocheted, or knitted, or possibly tied fleece. I have some pattern links for pet blankets that I will post later, but you can use any pattern you wish. We will ONLY be doing the pet blankets as a companion project to a shelter challenge if slippers and washcloths have been requested.

Rachel and I hope that you will join with us in this new project.

I will be posting information on our first "Cozies for Pets" challenge later this evening. (Judy)

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