Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Challenge Completed!

Good afternoon, Pink Slipper-makers!   Are you getting a head start on the next challenge?    If you missed out on making a pledge on the last one, a new Challenge will be posted fairly soon.   Be on the lookout!   In the meantime, slippers and washcloths are small, portable projects to carry along with you anywhere!  For those of you who are new to our group, we make slippers and washcloths in ALL colors - not just pink!

We completed pledging another challenge in record time!   Kate pledged the youth sizes to finish it up.   With such great members, these challenges are a breeze!

With the Cape Cod shelter, we have sent 2258 pairs of slippers and 1713 washcloths to 20 shelters so far in 2014.   Those figures spell out what a wonderful group we have and your dedication to sending love and caring to abused women and children. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Rachel and Judy

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