Thursday, July 24, 2014

*** SPECIAL #2 *** 

    A week or so ago, Judy posted a question to all of our members on Facebook about what your craft (sewing, knitting, crocheting) meant to you.  What does it do for YOU?  We received many responses, but there was a main theme running through all of them......"relaxation", "stress reliever", "adds joy to my cup", "inner peace", "warm fuzzies", "creative outlet", "feeling of accomplishment". 

     "When I made prayer afghans, each stitch resembled a prayer, so I am using mine now in the same way for myself and my family." - Linda Darby Adams

     "I may not be able to solve world hunger, cure cancer, give every child, every homeless person, every battered woman a home, a meal, a hug, but I sure can make a pair of slippers!  Or a wash cloth, a scarf, a hat, a blanket.  And that one person who receives something I stitched will know at least for a little while someone was thinking about them.  Someone was thinking OF them.  Someone cares." - Karen Baisley

     A common thread - making something with our hands for someone else helps US almost as much as we hope that it will bring joy to the other person.  It brings us an inner peace.

     In that light, The Pink Slipper Project is adding another new "special" project for the DV shelters that we reach out to.....the "Happy Hands" Project.   Many shelters are adding sewing rooms, having a group activity for knitters/crocheters, knitting/crocheting classes at their shelters for the women and children, etc.  Many times their "wish lists" include supplies, such as, yarn (new), knitting needles, crochet hooks, and knitting looms.   These programs give the women and children a chance to learn a new and useful "hobby" to help them relax and be productive, too!   By helping to provide supplies to them, we, in turn, will have the wonderful opportunity to "PASS IT ON" to someone else.  As they learn and create, hopefully, they will "pass it on", too, by making items for other women and children coming into the shelters.

     We hope that you will want to join with us in this new endeavor.  As with the "Cozies for Pets", we will not generally be asking for large quantities of the various items and the challenge will only be done in conjunction with a shelter challenge for slippers and/or washcloths.

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