Thursday, January 8, 2015

CHALLENGE #1 - 2015

Crossroads Safehouse, Fort Collins, Colorado

Crossroads Safehouse was founded 34 years ago. Through the years they have had a name change and moved to a larger location. In 2011 they were gifted with a former nursing home that was renovated into a statewide domestic violence facility, making them the largest provider in the state. Up to 150 languages are spoken through a 3rd party interpreter service and is available 24/7. Their Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) is composed of highly trained volunteers and advocates available 24/7. They respond with the police to domestic violence incidents. Their Kid Domestic Abuse Response Team (K-DART) also responds with the police to support the children who may have been abused or witnessed domestic violence. These highly-trained teams are in more and more shelters in the past years. Due to lack of storage, we will not send as many slippers as we normally would.

Please use gender neutral colors for the children.

Slippers needed:

 35 women -- DONE
   2 teen boys -- DONE
   8 preteens -- DONE
 10 youth -- DONE
 15 toddler -- DONE
   5 baby/infant -- DONE

100 Washcloths -- DONE

Crossroads likes white washcloths; but, since they use so many, they will take what they can get. If you have white cotton, please use it. If not, use whatever cotton you have that is light in color. You do not need to go and buy white cotton! Something light is fine.

Mailing Deadline: February 9, 2015. All packages should be in the mail by that date.

For confidentiality reasons, PLEASE DO NOT ADD THE NAME OF THE SHELTER if not shown in the address. Thank you.

Send to:

   Pat Parker
   P.O. Box 993
   Fort Collins, CO 80522

Most pledges will be received on our Facebook page; however, you may also make a pledge here in a "comment" on this post and we will receive it.

If you have any questions, please ask. Thank you for helping us get our 2015 Challenges off to a good start!

Rachel and Judy

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