Monday, July 20, 2015

CHALLENGE #24 - 2015

Hillsboro, Oregon

Monika's House is named in memory of a domestic violence victim, Monika Voits, an Oregon woman who was murdered in her bed by her husband while her children slept nearby.
Every year, Monika's House provides safe shelter to more than 200 adults, children and their pets, fleeing from danger of family violence.
Monika's House is proud to be one of only 5 shelters in Oregon providing safe shelter to family pets and companion animals as well. Therapy and service animals are housed inside in their new Pet Sanctuary.
To quote the Director of Shelter Services, "This is awesome and we're very much looking forward to it."
We will be having Cozies for Pets and Happy Hands challenges when all slippers and washcloths have been pledged.

For Monika's House we will need:
30 women - DONE!
 5 booties - DONE!
10 toddler -DONE!
 8 youth - DONE!
 6 preteen - DONE!
 2 men - DONE!
 3 teen boys -DONE!

Please use gender neutral colors for all slippers except womens.

65 washcloths  DONE!

Mailing deadline: August 20,2015

Mail to:

Valerie Bundy
Director of Shelter Services
P. O. Box 91550
Portland, OR 97291

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