Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We would like to thank all of our hard-working, creative members for pitching in and making handmade slippers and washcloths for the La Casa Shelter in Las Cruces, New Mexico.    There will be many warm hearts and toes there!

But don't fret!!   A new challenge is on the horizon and will probably be posted early next week.   Please keep checking this blog or our Facebook page ("Like" the page and don't forget to click on "Get Notifications" to get our posts!).

Until then, keep those needles, hooks, and sewing machines working and add to your stash.   There is a Sizing Chart in the right column (and in Notes on our Facebook page) to guide you.  We breakdown our pledge requests into age categories for both genders.  The sizes listed are suggested.  If you have a particular size (say, toddler) that you like to make and you have a pattern marked for that size, go for it!   

We do not have a central collection address.  Our members pledge, then make what they pledged, and send them directly to the shelter address we have specifically listed in the challenge information.   By doing our challenges this way, your slippers get there quicker, there is no double shipping costs  (you-to-us and then us-to-shelter), and we do not have to fundraise to cover supplies and shipping costs.  

If you just found us and are interested in helping out, simply join us on our Facebook page or follow us here and put in your pledge the next time a challenge is posted.   

Next challenge will probably be listed early next week!

Rachel, Judy, and Lynne

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