Tuesday, August 30, 2016

***NEW*** CHALLENGE #31 - 2016

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!
          Don't forget to make Purple slippers!  They can be all purple or
                                  just include some purple.

VERA HOUSE - Syracuse, New York


Our challenge today is for Vera House. They do not have an abundance of storage, so we are only sending a small amount to them at their request. We will not be sending any wash cloths.

Due to the reduced number of slippers we are sending, please use generic colors as much as possible. Don't forget PURPLE!

Vera House would like:

7 women  -  DONE
7 preteens  -  DONE
6 youth   -   DONE
Washcloths – None

MAILING DEADLINE: September 30, 2016


Mildred Winslow
6181 Thompson Rd., Suite 100
Syracuse, NY 13206

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