Saturday, November 4, 2017

CHALLENGE #35 - 2017

Artesia, New Mexico


The shelter is full at Grammy’s House!  They are also full of furry friends, so let’s send Cozies for Pets, too.  Grammy’s House loved the slippers, washcloths, and cozies (blankets) we sent last year and they can use more.

Let’s send:

35 women - DONE

  5 teen girls - DONE
  5 teen boys - DONE
10 pre-teens (neutral colors) - DONE
10 youth (neutral colors) - DONE
10 toddler (neutral colors) - DONE
  5 booties (neutral colors) - DONE
75 washcloths - DONE !


Remember to use multiple strands of yarn (worsted or bulky yarns) and also to use as small a hook or needle that you can so the blanket will be tightly stitched. For sewn blankets, several layers of washable material is needed. If using batting, please stitch from corner to corner, etc. to secure the batting for the washing and wear the blankets will get.

3 - 20”x 20” - DONE

3 - 24” x 24” - DONE
3 - 24” x 30” - DONE

Mailing Deadline :   December 1, 2017

Send to:

Grammy's House

Attention:  Celina Bryant
811 West Texas Avenue 
Artesia,  New Mexico   88210

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Rachel, Lynne, and Judy

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